June 7, 2017

Official Team Physicians of the Indianapolis Indians

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The Indianapolis Indians are the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Most of the players are trying to make it to the big leagues; therefore, they are constantly pushing themselves to stay in shape and do their best. Unfortunately, these physical demands and the great number of baseball games a season, may cause occasional injuries.

That is why the Indianapolis Indians have OrthoIndy sports medicine specialists on the sidelines and ready to treat them when they need it most.

For over 40 years, OrthoIndy physicians have covered the Indianapolis Indians’ home games. A number of OrthoIndy physicians are available in case of any injury on the field or need for an orthopedic assessment. With more than 70 regular season home games, this is a team effort from the OrthoIndy physicians to ensure adequate game coverage.

Dr. Dicke has been the Indianapolis Indians primary physician since 1993.

Other OrthoIndy physicians that assist the Indians include:
Dr. Chris Bales
Dr. Corey Kendall
Dr. Matthew Lavery
Dr. Ronald Miller
Dr. Mihir Patel
Dr. Jonathan Shook
Dr. Kevin Sigua
Dr. Jeffery Soldatis

The Role of the Team Physician
Dr. Dicke evaluates players during the week and works with other OrthoIndy physicians on the sidelines during games to take care of injuries. During the game, he evaluates players who may have sustained injuries to determine whether they can safely get back in the action.

Post-game, Dr. Dicke may provide further evaluations to help plan the players’ treatments and rehabilitation for the week. He also takes care of necessary surgeries or referring players to other OrthoIndy physicians as needed.

“Satisfaction comes from helping the players stay on the field and identifying injuries and conditions, which require treatment or protection with the aim of getting them back,” said Dr. Dicke. “Working with the minor league team is fun as the players come up through the ranks as they tend to be younger, eager to play and optimistic of getting up to the major league. They want to do well and heal quickly if injured.”

Be Treated like a Professional
You don’t have to be an Indianapolis Indians player to receive professional care at OrthoIndy. View our sports medicine team here.

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By Megan Golden

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