July 24, 2017

OrthoIndy patient receives bilateral knee replacement surgery

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After many years of unbearable knee pain, OrthoIndy patient, Brian Dowers finally had enough. In 1986 Brian had an ACL repair on his right knee; while his repair was successful, he never felt pain free again. The searing pain in his right knee caused him to rely heavily on his left knee and in time, this wore out the cartilage in both knees and left him to develop osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joints. This occurs when the cartilage between the joints break down and cause bone on bone contact.

Over the past 30 years, Brian had various surgeries to try and alleviate the pain in both knees with no success. His condition was completely taking over his life. He was unable to enjoy participating in sports, outdoor activities or excursions on his family vacations without severe pain. “My knees would hurt to the point that I would have to stop and sit or I would choose to stay behind,” he said.

After five prior knee surgeries, Brian decided to consult another physician for a new option. A friend referred Brian to OrthoIndy where he met Dr. Joseph Randolph, a sports medicine physician.

In 2011, Dr. Randolph performed a total knee replacement on his left knee and then five years later a total knee replacement on his right knee.

“I have had an excellent experience with OrthoIndy from my very first appointment,” said Brian. “I’ve never been more impressed with a medical facility than I have been with OrthoIndy. In fact, OrthoIndy is the standard I now use when evaluating other medical needs.”

Brian’s left knee has completely recovered since surgery and is very impressed with how much it feels like his real knee, without the pain. As for the right knee, he is still waiting on a full recovery from that. He is now able to do his daily activities; however, he still stays cautious about his physical limits as he still feels slight pain. He says he has full confidence that his right knee will recover just like the left and has already started making plans for when he fully recovers.

“I am now two months post-surgery and I am riding my motorcycle to and from therapy. This fall I look forward to climbing hunting stands for deer season.” Brian is thrilled at the opportunity to do the activities he loves, free of pain for the first time in 30 years.

“The surgical experience is the best I have ever experienced. The nurses and staff treated me as if I am the only patient they are assisting, though I realize that is not the case,” explained Brain. “My experience at OrthoIndy Hospital was so positive with my first knee replacement that I had no concerns at all when making the decision to have my second knee replaced.”

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Shelby Maue

By Shelby Maue

Shelby was the Marketing Intern for OrthoIndy during Summer 2016. During her internship, Shelby wrote a variety of articles and blog posts, as well as aided in social media and media relations tactics for OrthoIndy. Shelby is a senior at Ball State University and will graduate in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations.

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