August 23, 2017

OrthoIndy Cycling Team competes in Leadville Trail 100 MTB

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The Leadville Trail 100 MTB is a one hundred mile mountain bike race across the high-altitude and rough terrain of the Colorado Rockies. Considered one of the most challenging endurance mountain bike races, participants start at 10,152 feet and gradually make their way to 12,424 feet.

The OrthoIndy Cycling Team had three participants this year, including Casey Ritcher, David Ratzman and OrthoIndy spine surgeon, Dr. Greg Poulter.

“This was the race that started my fitness journey for me. When I first rode it 6 years ago, this was the event I picked to help me get in shape,” said Dr. Poulter. “2017 was the fourth time I have ridden the LT Trail 100. By choosing such a challenging race it forced me to get in shape in a way that I had never imagined possible. I return to this race because it provides an honest assessment of my efforts for the prior year.”

To get ready for the race, Dr. Poulter started training in November, nearly 10 months before the August 12th race. He participated in 150 training rides, which totaled 300 hours and burned over 152,000 calories.

“It requires to me get up and workout in the mornings and to eat healthy for 10 months,” said Dr. Poulter. “It is not something that you can prepare for with a crash diet or a month of working out. Committing to the race means committing to a healthy way of life.”

Dr. Poulter uses his training efforts to gain a sense of accomplishment and maintain focus on his life year round. For him, it’s a reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Finishing the race in less than 12 hours is an accomplishment and those riders earn the coveted Leadville belt buckle; a trophy which has its origins in rodeo. All three OrthoIndy Cycling Team members finished within the 12 hour cut off and received their belt buckles.

“I cannot fully describe the sense of accomplishment you get crossing the finish line. It provides a confidence that lasts well beyond the race and has a positive effect helping me be the best father, husband and surgeon for the year to come.”

To learn more about Dr. Poulter click here.

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Megan Golden

By Megan Golden

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