October 27, 2017

Spine patient: During back surgery

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Justin Ochoa was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation. Originally he tried conservative treatment such as physical therapy and injections; however, he was still experiencing back pain and severe sciatica.

After he consulted with Dr. David Schwartz, OrthoIndy spine surgeon, he decided he needed back surgery in order to maintain his active lifestyle, keep up with his growing family and relieve his back pain.

Surgery for a lumbar disc herniation takes about 40 minutes and the patient is typically able to walk about an hour after it is complete. At that time, they are also able to go home. By two weeks, Justin was able to start doing most of his normal activities, with some heavy lifting limitations.

Pre-Surgery and Recovery Checklist

Justin’s back surgery

“Hi my name is Dr. David Schwartz. I’m an orthopedic spine surgeon at OrthoIndy. I specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery as well as pediatric scoliosis surgery.

Justin was a patient of mine who was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation. Justin failed conservative care including physical therapy and injections. At that point he continued to have severe sciatica and it was determined that surgery would be necessary.

At the time of surgery we brought Justin into the operating room, everything is kept sterile and he’s positioned for surgery. Surgery takes approximately 40 minutes for a lumbar disc herniation. Usually the patient is able to leave the hospital within an hour after surgery and he’s able to walk out under his own power.

By two weeks after surgery, Justin was back doing most of the things he wanted with some limitations on severe physical activity. By six weeks however, we were able to get Justin back to all of his physical activities including working out and training other people.”

In case you missed the before segment on Justin click here.  Justin explains why he chose OrthoIndy and how he was feeling before surgery or view our final segment on Justin where he explains how he is feeling after surgery.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Schwartz, please call 317.802.2883 or learn more about OrthoIndy Spine.

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