January 21, 2013

Patient is able to do yoga again after shoulder surgery

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Marcia Runde had practiced yoga for many years when she started to notice that she was having some pain and discomfort in her right shoulder when she did certain moves and poses. However, she ignored the pain, hoping that it would eventually go away on its own.

Weeks of discomfort turned into months and after awhile the pain started to move to more places.

“Reaching for things, putting on a coat, sudden movements and blow drying my hair all became very painful,” said Marcia. “Eventually my shoulder bothered me so much that at night I couldn’t even sleep very well.”

The diagnosis: torn rotator cuff

That’s when Marcia decided it was time to see someone. That’s when she met Dr. Lintner at OrthoIndy.

“I immediately felt a connection with him. He understood that I love being active and that I couldn’t do the things that I love doing.”

Dr. Lintner performed surgery to repair Marcia’s torn rotator cuff and torn labrum of her right shoulder. He made sure that Marcia and her husband understood everything that would happen during the surgery.

“I was so nervous the day I went in for surgery. I worried about how long it would take to recover and if I would ever get back to where I was before I had the trouble with my shoulder. I remember the woman at the check-in desk was so welcoming and she wore a big beautiful flower that made me smile. Then the admission nurses were so calming and explained every detail of what would happen before my surgery. My anesthesiologist also explained everything he was doing. When Dr. Lintner came in we were all set and ready to go.”

Shoulder surgery recovery

After surgery Marcia was able to slowly get back to yoga. She went to physical therapy at OrthoIndy to help get her strength and mobility back. Six months later, Marcia realized she was back to her old self when she went to one of her favorite yoga classes and could do everything she wanted to do without pain.

“I am not ready to slow down and I know that there is no way I’d be able to do the things I am doing now if I didn’t have my shoulder surgery.”

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