January 20, 2014

Trauma surgeon helps police officer get back in the field

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Nathan Rinks, a police officer, was on patrol in June 2011 when he severely injured himself while on a foot pursuit. He was immediately rushed to a trauma unit where he met Dr. Kevin Scheid, an OrthoIndy surgeon.

Physician examination

Nathan’s condition was especially unique and serious because he had broken both his tibia and fibula, causing the fibula to spiral fracture into the ankle joint. As a result, Nathan had to have several screws and a plate inserted during surgery to hold the break in place.

Because of the seriousness of his injury, Nathan was off the job for four months. His youngest daughter, who had just started walking around a week before his injury, was also hard to keep up with. Nathan was ready to get back out on patrol and more importantly, back to being a dad.

“OrthoIndy was amazing,” said Nathan.  “One of the hardest parts of my recovery was being unable to put any weight on my leg for almost three months. Dr. Scheid is an amazing doctor and took great care of me.  His nurse, Denise, was always quick to call back when I had questions and work with me to get me back to at least desk duty after my initial surgery.”

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After surgery

In April 2012, Nathan had follow-up surgery to remove the plate in his leg. Now Nathan is back on patrol and even exercising again. Keeping up with his youngest daughter is not a problem…well most of the time!

“OrthoIndy is probably the best experience that I have ever had in healthcare,” said Nathan.

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