April 21, 2014

Knee replacement allows nurse to continue career

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Teresa Williams has been a nurse for almost 34 years. She spends long hours standing, squatting and running through hallways taking care of her patients. Giving her patients 110 percent dedication is just another day on the job for Teresa.

After some time Teresa started experiencing pain and soreness in both her knees. It was conflicting with her devotion to her job and her commitment to giving care to her patients. In fact, the pain had become so intense for Teresa that she was having intense pain even doing simple things such as walking, resting or sleeping.

“Spending time with my husband and girls were cut short or not even attempted,” said Teresa. “Simple tasks such as grocery shopping became a family project due to time restrictions on my knee. In the end, my family had to pick up the chores I could no longer do because of the pain.”

Physician examination- knee replacement surgery

Teresa decided it was time to get rid of the pain. That’s when she met Dr. Corey Kendall, an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoIndy. Dr. Kendall suggested Teresa have knee replacement surgery after many exams and an X-ray.

“OrthoIndy was my first choice,” said Teresa. “Dr. Kendall explained the pros and cons to surgery and also suggested alternative pain relief, which we tried with success for a short time. Being a nurse, some professionals assume you already know the information and skip this step. Not Dr. Kendall. He gave me options and let me make my own decisions. He never showed anything but respect and compassion toward my situation.

When she decided she was ready, Teresa had a total left knee replacement at OrthoIndy Hospital by Dr. Kendall.

“From the front door to post surgery I was treated like royalty. OrthoIndy employees are very professional and courteous,” said Teresa. “I have never had a professional office staff that is so knowledgeable and willing to help.”

Teresa is now feeling strong, physically, mentally and socially. She is ready to return to her passion of nursing and spending time with her husband and girls.

“I use OrthoIndy for all my family needs,” said Teresa. “I would not trust anyone else. Without my new knee, my nursing days would be very limited. Now, I see no end to my nursing passion and am hoping for another 34 years!”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kendall please call 317.268.3634. or learn more about knee treatment options at OrthoIndy.

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