May 23, 2016

Two total hip replacements helps mom keep up with kids

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Juvenile arthritis (JA) affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States. At the age of nine, Chastity Deaner became one of those 300,000.

JA, also known as pediatric rheumatic disease, is an umbrella term for many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that develop in children ages 16 and under. There are many types of JA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis being the most common. All types of arthritis share similar symptoms, such as pain and joint swelling.

There is no cure for arthritis, only treatment plans to relieve inflammation and control pain to improve the quality of life.

Chastity’s condition in her hips left her exhausted and unable to fully function as time passed by. Her condition, however, didn’t stop Chastity from getting the most out of life, as she became the mother of two children with hopes for even more additions to their growing family.

An answer to hip pain

After 22 years of living with juvenile arthritis, Chastity’s rheumatologist recommended she go to OrthoIndy where she met with Dr. Edward Hellman, an OrthoIndy hip specialist.

Fast forward ten years and Chastity found herself back in Dr. Hellman’s office after the pain became unbearable.

“Ten years and two more babies later, I could barely carry my youngest child or bend down to get her or walk around the park. Steps, woodchips, sand and asphalt were insurmountable. It was painful to ride in a car. I couldn’t keep up with my four kids.”

After 32 years of her hips being a constant setback, Chastity was scheduled for her first total hip replacement surgery in August 2013. Her second took place a little more than one year later in January 2015.

After total hip replacement surgery

After two total hip replacements, Chastity’s “I can’t” phrases turned into “I can.”

Chastity is now the proud mother of four kids, ranging in age from 2 to 18. Her pain is no longer an obstacle as activities she once thought impossible became possible.

“My life is active and I have been able to resume and surpass activities I haven’t done in years; mostly keeping up with my children. My legs are functional and pain free. I’m not tenderly walking around hoping not to be bumped or jostled,” said Chastity.

Chastity’s newfound zest for adventure comes right on time, as her family takes huge steps forward. Her eldest child is a recent high school graduate and Chastity has been able to chaperon camping trips, tour university campuses and boast from the bleachers at graduation.

Her 16 year old son is working toward every teenagers dream: a driver’s license. The lurching and sudden breaking hasn’t been a problem for Chastity’s hips.

“I’m back to enjoying big kid activities with them; roller coasters, zip line, etc. My 5 year old starts kindergarten in August, I’ll be active helping with that. At orientation we all hopped on and off the school bus and it occurred to me that I couldn’t have done that on my own or without pain before my hip replacements. My youngest child is 2. Now I can run, follow, carry and catch her,” said Chastity.

To add to Chastity’s list of accomplishments since her hip replacements; she can walk up to ten miles at a time, go down water slides, ride horses, go to the beach, play in the snow and zip line. All of these activities used to be impossible.

Chastity’s only complaint? Her scars get a little sunburned.

Chastity laughs, saying, “I can think of worse things.”

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