November 1, 2016

OrthoIndy Hometown: Meet Jeff

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November’s hometown featured employee is Jeff Robinson.

Jeff Robinson joined OrthoIndy in 2005 as a physician assistant with the OrthoIndy Trauma team. Jeff works out of the Level 1 trauma center at St.Vincent Indianapolis. He guides his patients through the first 48 hours after a trauma injury. He takes it up on himself to make sure the patient stays calm and understands that he’s going to fight for them to a full recovery.

“Bad things happen to good people,” he says. “You develop a personal relationship with your patient. It’s important that they know they can trust me and that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure they leave in better shape than what they came in”.

Lieutenant commander in the United States Navy

In addition to his OrthoIndy employment, Jeff is also a lieutenant commander in the United States Navy. He joined after high school and while on the USS Shasta as a deckhand, he discovered his love for medicine.

“I remember that I was on my way to the Persian Gulf in 1992,” he recalls. “I know it sounds gross, but I was treated for an ingrown toenail. When they numbed my toe, I remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever that they could do something and I would never feel it. After that I would swing by the medical department to see what they were doing and became interested in the human body. The rest is history.”

Following his first enlistment, Jeff studied medical technology at Indiana University and later went on to earn a degree as a physician’s assistant at Butler University. After graduation Jeff worked in the Trauma department, where the excitement of the fast paced environment clicked with what he practiced in the military.

Jeff has deployed twice while in the Navy. In 2006 he was stationed at Camp Afrifjan, Kuwait as a physician assistant working in the prison system. In 2015, he served as a physician assistant for the base hospital in Djibouti, Africa.

During his last tour, he was away from his wife, Angela and his two sons, Nicholas (5) and Carter (4). “It was very difficult to be away from my family,” he says. “Being away from my boys was hard because it’s a period of time where I feel they needed their dad most.”

Jeff’s saving grace was FaceTime. He was able to talk to his family a couple times a week. “I felt like I was watching them grow through a glass or watching TV,” he says. “When I was 7,000 miles away I didn’t feel it was appropriate to parent from there. I would have to rely on my wife’s communication and decisions. I was a cheerleader for her and she did a great job. Not being able to hug them, touch them and share experiences with them was very tough.”

Outside of work

Now that Jeff is back home he enjoys spending time with his family. He brews his own beer, loves to barbeque and is a novice gardener. He also enjoys working out at a local Crossfit box.

This year Jeff had the opportunity to help out a fellow veteran. Through the OrthoIndy Foundation, OrthoIndy employees built its third Habitat for Humanity house. Alongside his trauma team co-workers, Jeff helped on the second build day, raising the walls and framing the house for an Army veteran and his family. “The thing I enjoyed most was seeing the smile on his face in anticipation of his new home.”

Jeff’s role at OrthoIndy is an extension of his patriotic duty to his community. “I’ve always been patriotic about the idea of serving my country, fighting for freedom and protecting what’s important,” he says.

OrthoIndy wants to thank all of the men and women who serve or have served in the military. We appreciate you and your family’s sacrifice and patriotism.

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