April 15, 2019

OrthoIndy Urgent Care FAQs

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Will they schedule imaging during my appointment? What about on Sundays?

Plain X-rays are the main imaging techniques we use in orthopedics. We have the capability to obtain plain X-rays at the time of your visit at each of our OrthoIndy Urgent Care locations, including locations with Sunday hours. Advanced imaging such as MRI and CT scans are usually not performed on the day of your visit, but every attempt is made to get an appointment scheduled for an MRI or CT scan prior to you leaving the urgent care. Due to insurance and hours of operation, some of the facilities that we use, this is not always possible. If we can’t schedule your additional imaging at the time of the visit, someone from our scheduling team will contact you to schedule.

What ages are welcome at the OrthoIndy Urgent Care clinic?

We see pediatric through geriatric patients in our urgent care clinics. The urgent care is intended for evaluation of recent injuries. If you need an evaluation for a pediatric developmental problem, you should make an appointment to see one of our pediatric orthopedic specialists.

What do you mean by you only see recent back pain at OrthoIndy Urgent Care?

Back pain is a very common adult problem. Nearly 80 percent of adults experience back pain during their lifetime. Chronic (long-term) back pain is on the rise and is common. However, recent back pain is usually a result of lifting or carrying something and has developed rapidly over a few days. These are the types of injuries that can be assessed at our urgent care clinic. These injuries are usually a minor muscle strain, but can be very uncomfortable. Most minor back pain improves on its own, but can progress or prolong more than a few weeks. If someone has been experiencing back pain for months or years, it is best that they make an appointment with one of our spine specialists.

How is OrthoIndy Urgent Care unique compared to other urgent care clinics?

At OrthoIndy Urgent Care, all we treat is bone, joint and muscle problems. Our providers are specialty trained to take care of these specific problems, because of this, they are focused and well-educated to give you the best care for your specific needs. Additionally, we have a large selection of necessary braces, splints and devices for conveniently ready for your injuries.

Why do we get to “avoid the emergency room wait and cost” if we attend an OrthoIndy Urgent Care? Does this really save me time and money?

Emergency rooms are great for life threatening illnesses but they often lack the specialty training to deal with the minor bone, joint and muscle injuries that most people experience.  At a busy emergency room, the visit can often take four to six hours. An OrthoIndy Urgent Care visit usually takes less than one to two hours. The Emergency room costs can often reach $1200 to $1500 compared to a few hundred dollars in an Urgent Care.

For open fractures or more severe injuries, OrthoIndy Trauma is located at St.Vincent Level I Trauma Center.

With an unpredictable wait time, how busy do the facilities normally get?

Injuries happen at all times and are unpredictable. We are here to treat you when these injuries occur, unfortunately due to the unpredictability of injuries, wait times vary. We strive to take great care of these unpredictable injuries in an efficient way to get you back to your day. We tend to be busiest immediately after lunch and when school and the workday ends.

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