November 13, 2019

A hip replacement surgery allows patient to travel, work and get back to an active lifestyle

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To say that Paul Jacquin lives an active lifestyle is an understatement. Paul has been running for most of his life. He started running track and field as early as eighth grade, which he continued throughout high school and college. As an adult, Paul has switched to running road races, such as the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, which he has completed roughly 15 to 20 times in addition to five full marathons.  

Once Paul started experiencing hip aches, discomfort and limping, he traded in running for biking for a lower impact sport. Eventually, he even had to quit biking too because it was too painful. He also found it hard to climb the stairs at work, which he constantly has to do at his business, Vino Villa Wine Shop and Bistro, located in Greenwood.  

Paul was experiencing symptoms and knew that a hip replacement might be in his future. However, he felt he was too young to give up the activities he’s passionate about. Over time, he was tired of being less productive both at home and at work and he eventually turned to OrthoIndy total joint surgeon, Dr. Frank Kolisek, for help.  

“I chose OrthoIndy because of their positive reputation and results that other family members and friends have experienced there, several of whom went to Dr. Kolisek,” said Paul. “I have also had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Kolisek personally as a patron of my own business.” 

Paul was originally going to put off the possibility of surgery until after his planned December trip to the beach. However, with the convincing of his wife, he decided to have surgery in the fall in order to fully enjoy activities on the beach by winter. 

“My experience with OrthoIndy and Dr. Kolisek has been nothing but positive. From the first visit to the last follow-up appointment, everything was very efficient and timely,” said Paul. “There were no long wait times, each step in the process was clearly explained and the timelines were met or exceeded. Dr. Kolisek provided a clear explanation for what I was feeling, why I was experiencing pain and the procedures that would alleviate my discomfort.” 

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Types of hip replacement surgery

While there are different types and approaches to hip replacements, Dr. Kolisek always uses the direct superior approach instead of the posterior or anterior approach. “The direct superior approach is easier, and it spares just as much, if not more, muscle, in addition to not requiring hip precautions after surgery,” said Dr. Kolisek.  

Paul was back to his daily life almost immediately. “Paul’s hip replacement took 40 minutes with minimal blood loss,” said Dr. Kolisek. “During the first month after surgery, I had to stop him from carrying cases of wine up and down the steps at his business as he was doing so well.”

What is the recovery time for a hip replacement?

While everybody’s hip replacement recovery is different, Dr. Kolisek has found that most patients are walking the day of surgery and are home by the following day.  

“Patients are able to recover by doing exercises at home and eventually start using a cane in about two weeks,” said Dr. Kolisek. “About a month after surgery, my patients are typically off pain medicine and no longer need a cane. When I see my patients for a six week visit to get an X-ray, usually they have resumed their normal activities. At this time, I give them the go ahead to travel. A year after surgery, I see the patient again for another X-ray.”

Paul found that he was back to his daily activities soon after surgery. 

“After surgery, simply put, I felt awesome. There was literally instant relief,” said Paul. “Of course, there was some recovery pain associated with the surgery itself; but to say it was minimal is an understatement.” 

The second day after surgery, Paul was off pain medicine and was only taking a few Advil a couple times daily. By the third day post-op, Paul was out with friends. After a couple weeks, Paul was able to walk without a cane and was driving by week four.  

Just six weeks after surgery, Paul was able to go on his beach vacation with his wife. “I walked the beach pain-free, barely even thinking about the surgery or previous pain,” Paul said.  

Not only was Paul able to enjoy his beach vacation, he was also able to take full advantage of his trip to France the following year with Dr. Kolisek.  

“We had a wine trip scheduled in 2016 to France, but there was no way he could do all of the walking before surgery,” said Dr. Kolisek. “After surgery, we walked all over France. He did not limp or have any troubles at all.”

Life after total hip replacement surgery

It has now been three and a half years since Paul had his hip replaced. “The vast majority of the time, it never even crosses my mind that parts of my hip joint are not original,” said Paul.  

With his new hip, Paul is able to enjoy a pain-free work and leisure schedule. Paul has also resumed a regular exercise routine. “I stuck with biking to avoid the high impact activity of running that I believe caused the initial injury,” said Paul. 

Dr. Kolisek advises patients not to run or jump after a hip replacement no matter what surgical approach was done. Besides that, “all other activities are permitted,” said Kolisek.  

Since his surgery, Paul has completed the Hilly 100 Cycling Tour, a two-day tour that consists of biking 50 miles a day in the hills of southern Indiana, in both 2017 and 2018. He plans to participate again this year.  

That’s not all Paul has accomplished since his surgery. “I’ve hiked the hilly trails of Acadia National Park, been on several beach vacations and maybe one of the most important walks of my life: Down the aisle with my daughter,” said Paul. “All pain free.” 

Paul knows that whatever his next adventure may be, “not a single thought will be given to restrictions from an injured or replaced hip,” said Paul. “The greatest endorsement I can give is having referred two friends to see Dr. Kolisek based on my results.” 

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