December 16, 2019

A busy mom finds a solution for a broken wrist without surgery

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LeAnn Bruns was roller skating with her kids at her church’s annual family night out when an accident caused some setbacks. While skating, LeAnn fell and fractured her wrist. LeAnn went to the nearest emergency room and then chose OrthoIndy for follow-up treatment.

LeAnn’s injury left her with use of only one hand. As a result, she couldn’t change diapers, work out or play with her kids. At work, she was limited when it came to essential tasks such as typing. “Being a busy working mother, breaking my wrist was a huge inconvenience,” said LeAnn.

LeAnn received care from Dr. David Brokaw, an OrthoIndy surgeon who specializes in a variety of orthopedic care, including wrist fractures. “I chose OrthoIndy as it was close to work, and a friend who works there always talks highly of the doctors and services,” said LeAnn.

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Can a broken wrist heal on its own?

LeAnn’s diagnosis was confirmed by X-rays and a physical exam at OrthoIndy. Luckily, LeAnn didn’t have to have surgery. If the broken bone is in a good position or can be put back into alignment, a cast can immobilize the wrist fracture until it heals.

“Fractures that haven’t been displaced can usually be treated with a splint or a cast,” said Dr. Brokaw. “Sometimes a displaced fracture needs to be reduced or ‘pushed in’ in the clinic before casting. Displaced fractures generally need surgery. However, Leann’s fracture was non-displaced and healed on its own without any other than a cast and therapy.”

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Broken wrist recovery

“Most fractures like Leann’s heal in six to eight weeks whether they are treated with or without surgery. Therapy, whether occupational or physical can help the patient regain mobility,” said Dr. Brokaw.

Most wrist fractures hurt for a few days to a couple of weeks. While function of the wrist is usually regained in three to four months, it will continue to improve for up to a year.

While LeAnn won’t be roller skating again anytime soon, she has been quite busy since her treatment. “I ran in my hometown’s fun run on the 4th of July and have been keeping up with my one, four and seven year-olds,” said LeAnn. “I have also been traveling for work.”

LeAnn is happy with her treatment. “The service at OrthoIndy was amazing,” said LeAnn. “I appreciated that they kept to my appointment times and were efficient when I was there. The staff were never rushing and always took the time to answer questions or make sure I understood the diagnosis.”

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