October 11, 2022

OrthoIndy Foundation’s impact – NeuroHope

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OrthoIndy established and funded the OrthoIndy Foundation, whose Mission Statement reads as follows:

The mission of the OIF is to improve mobility and function, specifically for the residents of Central Indiana –with a particular emphasis on veterans and the elderly– by benefiting the end users to increase self-sufficiency, promote wellness, and improve the quality of life for those affected by orthopedic issues.

Management of the OIF’s funds was entrusted to the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF). CICF performs all due diligence activities and vetting of grant requests by 501(c)3 non-profits. Strategic direction of the OIF’s philanthropic activities is done by the OIF Advisory Committee.

OrthoIndy Foundation’s impact on NeuroHope

The OrthoIndy Foundation has agreed to contribute $1 million toward the expansion and relocation of the NeuroHope Foundation, a nonprofit that has helped over 200 people in 6 years on their road to recovery.

After insurance visits are used up, NeuroHope offers reasonable self-pay rates so patients with neurologic injuries can get the services they need to maximize recovery and preserve a healthy quality of life. NeuroHope offers extended care programs that include daily group exercise classes in cardio, strength, and stretching, specialized personal training sessions, and personalized workout programs in addition to physical and occupational therapy. Their main goals are to aid patients in getting out of wheelchairs, partake in recovery-enhancing exercises, and enhance their cardiovascular and muscular fitness.

“These injuries are life-changing,” said Chris Leeuw, Founder and Executive Director of NeuroHope. “NeuroHope was created so patients have the support they need throughout their entire recovery process. By providing long-term, affordable access to therapy and fitness programs, this grant creates a continued care center unlike any in the community.”

John Ryan, CEO of OrthoIndy, added, “Indiana is so blessed to have NeuroHope championing the continuity of care of Hoosiers. It is an honor for our OrthoIndyFoundation to support NeuroHope in their efforts to fill this critical gap in healthcare.”

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