April 18, 2024

OrthoIndy is the only healthcare system in Indiana with EOSedge: The latest ultra-low radiation X-ray

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The Latest in Ultra-Low Radiation Imaging 

OrthoIndy is proud to be the first healthcare system in Indiana to offer EOS Edge x-ray imaging to our pediatric and adult patients. EOS Edge imaging exclusively at OrthoIndy Fishers and OrthoIndy Northwest minimizes the amount of radiation used to create high-quality, accurate images as much as is practical. In reality, depending on the number of scans required, it emits 50% to 85% less radiation than traditional x-rays. That roughly equates to a person spending a week outside. The EOS Micro Dose also allows for a 98% reduction in radiation exposure. Each scan for an adult takes less than 15 seconds. It only takes 5 seconds for children. In addition, EOS technology delivers 3D imaging and more precise measurements, giving us the information our doctors need to select the best treatment options for each of our patients.

Dr. David Schwartz, a spine surgeon at OrthoIndy, has championed this technology and is so proud to have it exclusively at OrthoIndy. “OrthoIndy is the only practice in the state that has this new X-ray technology. Patients are exposed to 80% less radiation than any other machine that’s out there,” Dr. Schwartz said. “I’m really happy about adding the EOS Edge to the technology we provide our patients. One of my specialties is pediatric scoliosis, so this is a great solution for kids since they need X-rays every four to six months. But this option is available to adults, too, for a variety of X-ray needs.” 

Dr. Schwartz shares what it means for him that OrthoIndy is the only place to offer the EOS Edge ultra-low radiation X-rays to his patients.

Traditional X-rays usually involve a series of shots taken while the patient is on their back. With the EOS Edge, images of the knee, hips and spine are taken while the subject is standing, so we can evaluate posture and learn more about how the spine and lower limbs interact.

The Best Option For Kids With Spine Disorders  

The most important advantage for kids of EOSedge testing at OrthoIndy Fishers is the superior reduction in the radiation dose they are subjected to. This is crucial for children who need repeated scans as they develop because of spinal or other disorders. The OrthoIndy Spine team can do the numerous tests required to give your child the finest care while also giving you the peace of mind that your child is in the safest environment possible throughout their health journey thanks to the EOS Edge testing option.

Testing with the EOS Edge is also less stressful for children as several photographs can be shot rapidly without moving from one position to another. Every examination lasts 5 to 20 seconds. While taking an EOS Edge exam, people can breathe normally without altering the image quality.

The OrthoIndy Spine Team:

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The EOS Edge is currently only available at OrthoIndy Fishers and OrthoIndy Northwest. Call us at 317.802.2000 to schedule an appointment or make an appointment request online.

If your injury or condition is recent, you can walk right into one of our OrthoIndy Urgent Care locations for immediate care. For rehabilitation and physical therapy, no referral is needed to see one of our physical therapists.

Contributed By David Schwartz, MD

Dr. David Schwartz is a spine surgeon at OrthoIndy. He specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, as well as complex surgical cases. His practice focus includes arthroscopic spine surgery, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis in children and adults, as well as neck and lower back pain.

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