April 24, 2024

OrthoIndy Foundation Success Story: NeuroHope

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OrthoIndy Foundation is celebrating over $10 million in grants to organizations throughout the state who make a significant impact in the health, mobility and overall well-being of individuals and their communities. These are some of their stories.

NeuroHope makes long-term rehabilitation an affordable reality for people living with paralysis. They are a physical therapy, occupational therapy, and adaptive fitness center specialized for people recovering from spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, and other life-changing conditions. Their unique model completes the necessary continuum of care after hospital discharge to ensure patients can maximize recovery and improve long-term health and quality of life after injury.

Thanks to program-changing support from the OrthoIndy Foundation, since 2022 NeuroHope has expanded its physical therapy program with the addition of clinical staff, launched an occupational therapy program, and secured newly remodeled space to house the only adaptive fitness center in central Indiana. Over the last two years, they have also grown student intern programs through Indiana University and the University of Indianapolis, and implemented a research project with the Indiana Department of Health to track the health benefits of the patients in their care. Most importantly, the OrthoIndy Foundation has helped NeuroHope expand capacity from serving 103 patients in 2021 to 203 patients in 2023 (97% growth). In 2024, they will proudly help their 600th patient recovering from paralysis receive extended care.

One of those patients is 25-year old Gabe Magee, who sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury in a car crash on November 22, 2022. After the accident, Gabe was sent to Methodist Hospital, followed by Community North Rehabilitation Hospital. In spite of excellent treatment at both of these locations, his journey through the complex healthcare system was just beginning when he was discharged home in a wheelchair six weeks later. Gabe’s spinal cord injury was significant, but movement was slowly returning in his legs and arms and he had nowhere to go. In May of 2023, Gabe found NeuroHope. He has worked tirelessly in their gym ever since to get his life back. Over the last 10 months he has regained arm and finger function, significantly strengthened his core, and has started to leave his wheelchair behind with his first assisted steps after his injury. Gabe’s journey continues. Thanks to the OrthoIndy Foundation, he is exactly where he needs to be.

Learn more about Gabe’s story here.


“My son was injured in an accident almost 3 years ago resulting in moderate brain damage. Once we found NeuroHope, we knew this was where he needed to be. We drive nearly an hour and half one way, for him to receive the absolute best care in a knowledgeable, energetic, and positive environment. He loves his time with his therapists every week!” – Ashley, caregiver

“I came to NeuroHope after my spinal cord injury in 2022 barely able to stay awake let alone sit up. I am now working with leg braces and a walker, which I never thought would happen. Their community takes you in and you learn so much from everyone. That community then turns into family, I would not be where I am today without them, and I am forever thankful!” – Olivia, patient

“So thankful to have found NeuroHope nearly three years ago. Having a facility like this in Indianapolis has been amazing. As patients we encourage each other and the staff sets plans to treat us all individually. Thank the Lord for NeuroHope.” – Mack, patient

“After a fluke accident my father was rendered a quadriplegic and his life changed exponentially. After a month long stay at an Indiana based in-patient rehabilitation facility, we were sent home and told not to expect much more than what little movement and feeling he had at that time. It was then that we learned of NeuroHope. Seven months later my dad has regained significant movement in almost all extremities, with sensitivity throughout his whole body. He works out every single weekday with staff that is thoughtful, encouraging and knowledgeable. We are forever grateful for the whole NeuroHope team!” – Heather, caregiver

“The OrthoIndy Foundation has been the seed that has enabled NeuroHope’s programs to flourish. Their support has directly improved the lives of hundreds of people recovering from the highest risk healthcare issues in our community, and has been a catalyst for new research on keeping patients healthy and out of the healthcare system.” – Chris Leeuw, Founder and Executive Director.

The OrthoIndy Foundation

In December of 2012, OrthoIndy established and funded the OrthoIndy Foundation, whose Mission Statement reads as follows:

The mission of the OIF is to improve mobility and function, specifically for the residents of Central Indiana –with a particular emphasis on veterans and the elderly– by benefiting the end users to increase self-sufficiency, promote wellness, and improve the quality of life for those affected by orthopedic issues.

Since it’s founding, OrthoIndy Foundation has been there for hundreds of people. Learn more about the foundation here, and learn how you can contribute and become a volunteer by clicking here. You can read more of our success stories here.

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