What is a partial and a complete shoulder dislocation?

Sometimes sports can get rough, and when your shoulder falls completely out of place, it is called a complete shoulder dislocation. But sometimes, your shoulder is only partially knocked out of place, which is called a partial shoulder dislocation or a shoulder subluxation.

Shoulder dislocations in contact sports

According to Dr. Mark DiLella, an OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist, a shoulder dislocation is a complete separation of the ball (humerus) and cup (glenoid) joint surfaces.

What is a rotation fracture?

A spinal fracture is a serious injury and should be treated immediately. A rotation fracture happens when you move or bend from side to side too far, causing your vertebrae to fracture.

What are bone spurs in the hip?

Osteoarthritis is caused by long term wear and tear on your joint and usually occurs in older adults. This can cause little bony projections to form on your bones to protect your weak joint called bone spurs.

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