What is a periarticular fracture?

A periarticular fracture affects the bones that make up the joints throughout the body. Treatment depends on the severity of the break, the location and the cause.

Malunion vs. nonunion fractures

After bone trauma, difficulty with bone healing or alignment can occur. This is referred to as a malunion or nonunion and may make the return to function a challenge.

Common motorized vehicle injuries

OrthoIndy trauma physicians treat injuries related to motorized vehicle accidents including car, truck, motorcycle, four wheeler, ATV, dirt bikes and moped accidents.

Common injuries from slips and falls

Slip and fall injuries can be a costly expense. Learn more about the most common slip and fall accidents that may lead to treatment by a trauma specialist.

Common lawn mower injuries

Lawn mowers are powerful machines which can lead to very serious injuries. Learn more about different types of lawn mower injuries and lawn mower safety.

What is a distal humerus fracture?

A distal humerus fracture is a break in the lower end of the upper arm bone. this can happen because of having weak bones. Learn more about OrthoIndy Trauma.

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