January 18, 2018

Patient finds neck pain relief without surgery

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Many Americans will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. Lucinda Tomey, was simply working on her deck and felt a pull in her neck. Even after trying heat and ice to help soothe the ache, pain continued to radiate down her right arm and into her middle finger.

For many people, neck and arm pain is a temporary condition that disappears with time. If you have not experienced an extreme injury, you should seek medical care when neck pain:

  • Lasts longer than 8 weeks
  • Is accompanied by extreme arm pain
  • Is accompanied by weakness in the arm
  • Is accompanied by tingling or numbness in the arm
  • Is accompanied by a loss of balance and/or coordination

Lucinda was unable to perform her daily activities and knew she needed professional help.

Seeking neck pain relief

“A very close friend, who is also an OrthoIndy patient, took me to the OrthoIndy Urgent Care Clinic,” said Lucinda. “She knew everything I had been through with other medical professionals and knew that OrthoIndy could help me.”

That’s when Lucinda met non-operative pain management physician, Dr. Mark Osborne at OrthoIndy West. After taking her history and performing a physical exam Dr. Osborne ordered a MRI of her neck to further evaluate her symptoms.

Should I see a Spine Surgeon or Physiatrist

“Her MRI demonstrated a herniated disc pinching a nerve in her neck, which was causing shooting pain down her arm. Together we reviewed her MRI in clinic and discussed her diagnosis and treatment options,” said Dr. Osborne. “After considering the potential risks and benefits of each intervention, we elected to proceed conservatively with physical therapy, non-narcotic pain medication and an epidural steroid injection.”

With this neck pain relief treatment plan, Dr. Osborne was able to eliminate Lucinda’s pain and improve her quality of life.

Life after neck and arm pain

“My experience with Orthoindy and Dr. Osborne was very pleasant. He actually listened to me and we were able to diagnose the problem immediately,” said Lucinda. “Everyone that I encountered at OrthoIndy was extremely pleasant and easy to talk to. I would not hesitate to return there for any other orthopedic problems.”

Now Lucinda has moved on from her injury and is back to doing the things she loves in life.

“Since the treatment, I have retired from working full time. I have a 6 month old puppy that I am in the process of training, which I was not able to do before and I am also able to spend more quality time playing with my grandchildren,” said Lucinda. “I can honestly say I am feeling 100 percent better after treatment.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Osborne please call 317.802.2485 or learn more about OrthoIndy spine.

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