December 24, 2012

Patient gets back to running after ankle surgery

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Courtney Frye has always been a very active individual. She grew up playing various sports including basketball and soccer. However, continuing to be active was beginning to be very painful for Courtney. In 2008 while playing summer basketball and soccer Courtney injured her right ankle.

“I tried to play through the pain,” said Courtney. “But it eventually got so bad that my soccer coach told me I couldn’t play anymore until I went to a doctor.”

The diagnosis

That’s when Courtney decided to go to OrthoIndy and see Dr. Mihir Patel, an orthopedic physician. Dr. Patel informed her that she had an extra bone in her foot, which is common in people, but can cause stress fractures. He treated Courtney for the stress fracture and she was able to return just in time for the basketball season.

“Dr. Patel told me I wouldn’t need surgery to remove the bone unless it bothered me more and I could’t handle the pain. So I went on with sports dealing with the extra bone.”

In early 2012 as a freshman in college, Courtney was training for the Indianapolis mini marathon and her ankle really started to bother her. In fact, it bothered her so much that she could hardly walk to her classes.

“After I ran the mini I headed back to Dr. Patel and he treated me for another stress fracture. I told him about my goal to run the Boston marathon within the next four years. That’s when Dr. Patel suggested surgery and I knew I had to have it if I wanted to reach my goal.”

Courtney had surgery at OrthoIndy and Dr. Patel removed the extra bone in her ankle and cleaned up some of the ligaments and tendons around her ankle.

Understanding your feet and what shoes to wear

Ankle surgery recovery

“I could not have asked for a better doctor and staff than what I have had at OrthoIndy; from the casting department to the nurses and Dr. Patel’s staff. Since the surgery, splint casts and walking boots are all behind me, my life has been great. I plan on starting my training for the 2013 mini marathon and hope to qualify for the Boston marathon before I graduate college.”

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