October 10, 2016

OrthoIndy Hometown: Meet Dr. Patel

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October’s hometown featured employee is Dr. Mihir Patel.

Indianapolis native, Dr. Mihir Patel is an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoIndy. He has traveled all over the country for medical training, but came back to his hometown to raise a family. “I am just a kid at heart who was born in downtown Indianapolis and grew up in Columbus, Indiana,” said Mihir.

Life outside of work

As a member of the Indianapolis community, Mihir enjoys playing golf and basketball with his kids. He also enjoys traveling, reading, snowboarding and watching his favorite sports teams with his family.

Every morning he runs in his neighborhood before work. “I started running consistently in the mornings about four years ago,” he said. “It was about staying healthy as I get older. But I kept doing it because I enjoy the peaceful, Indiana mornings during all four seasons. A morning run is a prelude to what the day may bring with our careers, meetings and the kids’ activities.”

In 1993, Mihir graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He then attended Washington University School of Medicine, graduating in the top third of his class in 1998. He traveled to Ohio to complete a residency in orthopedic surgery at Case Western Reserve University in 2003. A year later, he lived in New York where he completed a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery and sports medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery/Cornell University.

Why OrthoIndy?

When it was time to find a job after fellowship, Mihir went to practice at OrthoIndy because he wanted to raise a family in a good environment. At OrthoIndy, Mihir specializes in foot and ankle and sports medicine. He has authored articles published in medical journals and has presented at numerous national meetings of orthopedic surgeons.

At OrthoIndy, Mihir feels more like he’s on vacation rather than working, “I just really enjoy getting to know my patients and finding ways to make their life better,” he says. “When you love your job as much as I do, it’s not hard to dedicate your life to it”.

Mihir enjoys his work with his patients one-on-one, getting to know people. “It’s an intellectual conversation, you have to figure out what’s going on and making a human connection.”

Aside from helping patients Mihir really appreciates that OrthoIndy provides an environment of lifelong learning. “Rather than being a jack of all trades, you can master in one specialty,” he said. Being able to be one expert amongst a team of experts means Mihir can better serve his patients. He really enjoys the satisfaction of getting people back to being active and spending time doing what they love.

Mihir is also a family man whose goal is to raise his kids in a positive environment and connect them with great people. His wife, Chandu, also works in the medical field as a radiation oncologist. Mihir and Chandu have two children, Sahvan (14) and Sia (11).

Due to his children’s exposure to this wife’s work as a radiation oncologist, they started their own charity golf outing, Golf it Out to raise money for cancer patients. This year was the third year for the event and Sahvan and Sia were featured in Fox59 News as community heroes.

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