May 5, 2014

OrthoIndy nurses save hip replacement patient’s life

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Terry Yates normally plays a round of golf at least once a week during the golf season. However, in 2010, Terry was unable to play even a single round of golf. In fact, Terry’s other favorite pastime, working in his yard and landscaping, was also something he could barely manage because of the extreme pain that was developing in his right hip.

“As spring came in 2010 and golf season was here I was anxious to see if I could play. I attempted to hit golf balls one time at the driving range and quickly knew that I was not going to be able to enjoy golf as I always did.”

The pain in Terry’s right hip had become progressively worse as months went by. At first the pain was dull on a day-to-day basis. But as the pain got worse it even prevented Terry from getting a good night sleep on many nights every week.

“My work was in a management position so I was still able to work but walking during the day took a toll because of the pain. The pain in my right hip became constant daily and really impacted my life.”

Physician examination- hip replacement surgery

After about a year of experiencing severe pain in his hip Terry decided to seek treatment from an orthopedic surgeon.  In 1998 OrthoIndy surgeon, Dr. Frank Kolisek, had replaced Terry’s right knee so he decided to seek Dr. Kolisek’s evaluation and advice once again.

“Since I had such a wonderful experience previously with my knee, I had a very high trust in Dr. Kolisek and OrthoIndy to treat my hip pain,” said Terry.

Terry was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Kolisek that summer and everything was going as planned. On the day of surgery Terry arrived on time and was looking forward to becoming pain free again. However, while being prepped and waiting for surgery Terry went in to sudden cardiac arrest.

“The nurses quickly responded and saved my life. As my wife tells me, they quickly arrived in my room like a swarm of bees and quickly administrated a life saving defibrillator shock to bring me back to life. The next day I had to have a six by-pass open heart surgery.  When I see my scar, I am reminded that OrthoIndy nurses saved my life. If I was not at OrthoIndy Hospital that very day I would not be alive.”

Once Terry got to feeling better in the fall he was finally able to have his hip replaced by Dr. Kolisek. Everything went as planned and now Terry has two of his joints in his right leg successfully replaced by Dr. Kolisek.

“Dr. Kolisek is the best. I would and have recommended him to many of my friends for treatment. I have always appreciated that Dr. Kolisek gets right to the point with the cause of my pain and the treatment necessary. I like a doctor like that. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. My quality of life has changed and improved by these replacements, thanks to Dr. Kolisek and his excellent care.”

Terry has been treated by OrthoIndy since the late 1990’s. In his case, replacement of the knee and hip were the only option.

“My experience at OrthoIndy has always been first class. I appreciate that the staff and that the doctors at OrthoIndy always look for the least invasive option first before even considering the surgery options. The nurses were great. The surgery was short and very successful. Additionally the stay was short and I was able to leave the hospital the next day after surgery. I walked out of OrthoIndy Hospital without pain in my hip.”

After hip replacement surgery

Terry is now able to walk without any pain. After 37 years of working for the United States Postal Service, Terry retired and is able to take care of his granddaughter a few times a week without any pain. He is able to get back to playing golf; at least one round a week, without pain and yard work is enjoyable again. In fact, he is even able to do some landscaping for other people.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kolisek please call 317.884.5160. or learn more about hip treatment options at OrthoIndy. 

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