February 1, 2017

OrthoIndy Hometown: Meet Dr. Bales

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Dr. Chris Bales has a deep passion for an active lifestyle. He subscribes to the philosophy that being active extends and adds value to one’s life. A philosophy he learned at an early age while growing up in Canada. He says, “Everyone in Canada gets into hockey.” At the early age of 3 he learned to skate and developed a love for the game.

In 1992, he moved to the U.S to attend the University of Notre Dame and play hockey on a scholarship. A self-described weekend warrior, Chris plays hockey on a men’s league team called the Z Stars. Formally known as the NorthStars, the team changed its name to support a friend and teammate living with ALS. Chris has participated in a number of events to help raise awareness and funds for the disease. At OrthoIndy, he did the ice bucket challenge and donated money. Watch the video here.

Why OrthoIndy?

Chris has been with OrthoIndy since 2008, when he moved to Indy with his wife Stephanie and their two boys, Owen and Brady.

Chris believes what makes OrthoIndy great is the variety of experts he works alongside. “If I run into something that I haven’t seen before I know that with the diverse background of specialties amongst my colleagues we’ll find an answer,” he says. “You feel confident knowing these physicians have your back.”

As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, Chris does all he can for his patients to help them remain active in their life. “When someone is injured while participating in a sport, it’s my job to get him or her back in the game,” he says. “It’s giving them the opportunity to do what they love whether that’s hitting a homerun or giving a piggyback rides to their grandchildren.”

A life outside of work

In addition to helping his patients get back to the things he loves, Chris participates in a number of activities with his boys. When Chris moved to Carmel, he and his boys joined the Hoosier Heights climbing gym. At the time, Hoosier Heights was just starting their climbing team. Chris’s oldest son, Owen started to compete when he was 9 years old. He has made it to nationals both years he has climbed. “It’s been great to watch him compete,” said Chris. “I’ve never seen or been involved with climbing and it was all new to me. It’s very intense when he is up on the wall. Watching him is more nerve racking for me then anytime I played hockey or even perform surgery. Obviously I’m very proud of him and it was unbelievable to watch him win the national championship in speed climbing.”

Between his work as an orthopedic surgeon and his athletic and family commitments, Chris is an active member of the community. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bales, please call 317.268.3632 or learn more about sports medicine treatment at OrthoIndy.

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