March 28, 2017

Nikki from the Smiley Morning Show seeks care at OrthoIndy

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Some of you may recognize Nikki Reed from the Smiley Morning Show on 99.5 WZPL. How could you not? She is an active, spunky and sassy radio host, who has a lot to say. However, Nikki is more than just a loud voice, she also enjoys staying active in her free time.

Nikki’s schedule is crazy, hectic and demands a lot of energy. She’s constantly on the go and barely gets a moment to herself. Nikki uses her time at the gym as time to relax. But when she started experiencing pain in her right knee every time she ran or wore heels Nikki felt like her favorite downtime was slowly being taken away.

Knee pain

Not only could Nikki no longer run, which was one of her favorite relaxing activities, she also had to tell her trainer she couldn’t do workouts such as squats or step ups. Additionally, going upstairs was difficult and was something Nikki had to do every morning.

“I was starting my day with pain which was upsetting and slowly finding more and more things that would cause knee pain,” said Nikki. “Some days it was so bad I would have a limp.  I was genuinely concerned that it was going to continue to limit me in all areas of my life.”

When Nikki couldn’t take anymore, she broke down and decided to make an appointment with OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist Dr. Stephen Kollias. Dr. Kollias determined that Nikki was suffering from tight muscles and she would not need surgery.

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Pain relief

“Dr. Kollias fit me into his busy schedule knowing it was hindering my day to day life. He also was just such a personable doctor. I was very nervous about what he would say was causing the pain since my mom had just had a knee replacement,” said Nikki. “He kept me distracted, we talked about a vacation he had just taken, and he made me laugh. He took only a few minutes, had me move a few different ways, and knew exactly what the problem was. It was so simple! I was in and out quickly feeling relieved.”

Now Nikki is doing some stretching to relieve the pain she was feeling and she’s back in the gym. She also plans to do a Sprint Triathlon in April, which includes swimming, biking and running.

“I feel so grateful for OrthoIndy and what they did for me. To them it may have been such a simple little problem with an easy solution but for me it changed my life.”

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