April 3, 2017

Surgery at OrthoIndy FAQs

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Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to your surgery at OrthoIndy Hospital.

When do I need to take my pain medication?

When directed by the post op nurse, or follow your doctor’s orders and always take with food.

Do I need to wait till the pain ball is done before I take the oral pain medication?

No, you should start taking the oral pain medication before the pain ball is finished.

When can I take my anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) again?

Follow your doctor’s orders.

When can I take a shower?

Follow your doctor’s orders.

Do I ice and for how long?

Yes, you should ice and it should be for 20-30 minutes 5-6 times per day, or per doctor’s orders.

When can I take off the dressing?

Follow your doctor’s orders.

When do I change the dressing?

Follow your doctor’s orders.

When can I put weight on my leg/foot?

Follow your doctor’s orders.

When can I take off the TED hose (white hose) from my legs?

Follow your doctor’s orders or remove for 1 hour each day

Spine cases: Is it ok to walk?

In most cases it is encouraged to walk short distances as long as it is on flat, level surfaces, and free of clutter.

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