March 28, 2017

OrthoIndy Hometown: Meet Dr. Dicke

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The best word to describe Dr. Tim Dicke is committed. He knew that he wanted to be a physician from a very young age after being inspired by his father who raised him while working through medical school. While in med school himself, Tim was attracted to the field of orthopedics.

“You get to provide solutions to challenging problems but with a very high success rate, which provides a lot of personal satisfaction”.

When Tim came to OrthoIndy over 20 years ago, he was welcomed with open arms. Although he wasn’t an Indiana native, the organization made him feel at home immediately. Within his first three months he served on the OrthoIndy board and has worked his way up to his current position as the president and CEO of OrthoIndy. He splits his time between administration work and practicing as a hand and upper extremity physician.

Why OrthoIndy?

“I like working at OrthoIndy because the focus is on the patient,” he said. “We are able to provide the full spectrum of musculoskeletal care for all orthopedic needs, from the simplest sprains to the most complex surgeries, at a better value and still maintain the highest patient satisfaction scores.”

Tim feels that with the organization being physician-owned and operated it gives it a unique advantage over other care providers. “We get to control the internal processes to make them best serve the patients, and because all of our owners are from central Indiana we keep our revenue and tax base in the community we serve and live in,” states Dr. Dicke.

In addition to this, OrthoIndy employs over 1,000 Hoosiers, including some of the top ranked doctors in the state. This strategy allows Dr. Dicke and his team to take on some of the most challenging cases rather than only hand picking the “easy” or “most profitable” patients.

Outside of work

Aside from his medical work at OrthoIndy, Tim is also the primary physician for the Indianapolis Indians ever since he took over from the previous retiring physician 20 years ago.

Every year, OrthoIndy covers the team’s home games. A number of OrthoIndy physicians are available for the team in case of any injury on the field or need for an orthopedic assessment. With more than 80 home games a season, this is a team effort from the OrthoIndy physicians to ensure adequate game coverage.

“Working with the Indians has been a long time commitment,” he said. “Both OrthoIndy and the Indianapolis Indians are great organizations, which value quality and doing the right thing.”

Tim typically tries to travel the Florida during spring training to meet with the Indians and coordinate requested testing of players for the parent team, the Pittsburg Pirates. At the season end, exit physicals are done for the players prior to leaving Indianapolis.

“Satisfaction comes from helping the players stay on the field and identifying injuries and conditions, which require treatment or protection with the aim of getting them back,” he said. “Working with the minor league team is fun as the players come up through the ranks as they tend to be younger, eager to play and optimistic of getting up to the major league. They want to do well and heal quickly if injured.”

At home, Tim enjoys working on projects on his “mini-farm” with his wife, playing tennis and boating. Tim also volunteers for Fountains of Hope to help provide water purification solutions to third world countries.

Tim enjoys the opportunity to take care of patients in the community with sports-related injuries. “Whether I am asked to diagnose or treat a player on the Indians, Pacers, local college or high school level, there is trust that the best treatment choices and advice is given,” he said. “Everyone wants to get better faster and they deserve the high level of expertise that professional athletes demand.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tim Dicke, please call 317.802.2808 or learn more about sports medicine treatment at OrthoIndy.

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