June 6, 2017

OrthoIndy Foundation’s impact-Joseph Maley Foundation

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In 2016 the OrthoIndy Foundation made a grant to the Joseph Maley Foundation for the purchase of four joggers and two racing chairs for individuals with disabilities.

Joseph Maley Foundation mission: Joseph Maley was a young man who accepted all without judgment. Born with physical and cognitive disabilities, and never having the ability to speak, he nonetheless touched others with his resilience, spirit, smile and hugs. Joseph planted the seeds of acceptance in the individuals he encountered.

Joseph passed away at age 18 from leukemia, but his legacy lives on through the Joseph Maley Foundation, started in 2008 by his parents – John and Vivian – and brothers – Tony, Dominic, Frank and Gino. Established with the mission of serving children of all abilities, the Foundation inspires individuals to accept and serve others.

Grant outcomes

Funds from OrthoIndy Foundation offset costs for an intern to help launch run2gether and to purchase four joggers in four different sizes and two elite racing chairs for the run2gether initiative. Run2gether pairs individuals with disabilities between the ages of six and 21 with a group of experienced runners.

The athletes with disabilities are known as the captains, while the experienced runners are their crew. The crew pushes the captain in specially designed running/racing wheelchairs. Together they train for and then compete in a variety of racing events from 5Ks to marathons around Central Indiana.

run2gether provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in exciting and challenging running events that they might not otherwise be able to be involved with. It gives crew members the joy of being able to say, “My hero always beats me by a second.” r

run2gether imparts a bond between the captain and crew through socialization, connection, and celebration of each other’s accomplishments. The teamwork and togetherness felt reminds us that it is always better when we run2gether.

Impact by the numbers

  • run2gether initiative currently has 22 captains and 52 crew members participating

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