June 7, 2017

Official Orthopedic Provider for the Indiana Pacers

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Few sports are as physically demanding as NBA basketball. 82 games. Playoff runs. Offseason work. Not to mention the chance for international play for Team USA. This highly competitive sport demands players to stay in tip-top shape at all times. Unfortunately, these extreme physical stresses can result in occasional injuries.

Because these players need to get back in the game as soon as possible, they require top experts in orthopedics. The Indiana Pacers have put their trust in OrthoIndy as their official orthopedic provider for over 20 years. After Dr. Timothy Hupfer stepped down as team physician for 18 seasons, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist Dr. Troy Roberson took over sideline duties in 2023. Additionally, Dr. Kevin O’Neill is the spine specialist for the team.

The role of the Team Physician

As physicians and fans, our team works hard with the Pacers staff to keep the players ready to play their best. Dr. Roberson evaluates players during the week and is on the sidelines during games to diagnose and treat injuries. During the game, he evaluates players who may have sustained injuries to determine whether they can safely get back in the action. Dr. Troy Roberson continues the longstanding tradition of OrthoIndy team physicians for the Indiana Pacers.

Post-game, Dr. Roberson may provide further evaluations to help plan the players’ treatments and rehabilitation for the week. He also takes care of necessary surgeries within his practice or refers players and other members of the organization to the team of OrthoIndy physicians as needed.

“Being the team physician of the Pacers has allowed me to work with an incredible group of talented athletes,” said Dr. Roberson. “These guys are determined to work hard and get back in the game as soon as possible after an injury. It’s a rewarding experience be part of that journey where an elite athlete returns to the court after an injury.”

All-Star care for all

You don’t have to be an Indiana Pacer to receive elite, award-winning care at OrthoIndy. View our sports medicine team here.
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