June 29, 2018

Pain forces patient to quit her job

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The very first time eight-year-old Emilee Woodward visited an OrthoIndy location was when she had a broken arm. “That’s how we learned to love OrthoIndy at such an early stage in my life,” said Emilee.

Years later, at age 17, Emilee returned to OrthoIndy to see a leg doctor because she thought her leg was causing the problems she was currently facing. However, Emilee soon found out it wasn’t her leg at all that was causing her pain, it was her spine. Emilee was referred to OrthoIndy spine physician Dr. Gregory Poulter.

Physician examination

Emilee had an anomaly in the base of her spine that caused the bottom of her lumbar spine to move and grind against the sacrum bone of the pelvis.

At first Emilee’s pain bothered her very little, but as time went on, Emilee had to choose between her job and working out. “The pain got to be too much so I couldn’t do both a job and working out so I stopped working out,” said Emilee. “Then eventually I had to quit my job too because I was a cashier and couldn’t stand for hours on end anymore.”

Initially, Dr. Poulter explained a few different procedures that could be done for Emilee but ultimately he recommended using the Mazor X Robotic Guidance System. “Dr. Poulter told me that if I were his daughter he would want this robot to be used in this procedure,” said Emilee, “so I was completely comfortable with it.”

Dr. Poulter tried to avoid surgery but despite hard work on Emilee, she wasn’t getting better.  “Emilee was in significant pain from a complex bone malformation in the base of her spine,” said Dr. Poulter. “When it came time to do surgery, hers was not simple. Our ability to do a complex repair through a minimally invasive approach was made possible by the use of robotic technology.  Now that she is on the mend, I’m delighted to see her return to a normal life.”

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After spine surgery

After Emilee’s surgery, her friends and family noticed a dramatic increase in Emilee’s overall movement. “Everyone noticed I was more excited to get back into the swing of things, like going to the grocery store and actually wanting to go on walks,” said Emilee.

Emilee explained how she couldn’t be happier with her experience at OrthoIndy. “I wouldn’t have chosen any other doctor or hospital,” Emilee said. “Dr. Poulter is just a total sweetheart as well as everyone I have met so far at OrthoIndy.”

Emilee’s next major goal is to get a job again and drop the weight she says she has gained since she was forced to stop exercising.

“I can’t express it enough that if you are having back problems you should definitely go to Orthoindy and definitely see Dr. Poulter,” Emilee said.

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