July 17, 2018

Patient returns to OrthoIndy for a second hip replacement

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For Kathy Evans, she’s always been a very active individual. Kathy loves to bike, hike, practice yoga and do other activities. However, when biking and hiking became painful, Kathy decided that if there was a solution to improve her quality of life, she was ready to do whatever it takes.

Hip replacement surgery

Kathy was referred to OrthoIndy from one of her friends, OrthoIndy physician Dr. David Brokaw. “After a misdiagnosis and frustration with another orthopedic doctor in Indianapolis, I needed to find a doctor that could help me,” said Kathy.

Kathy had her first hip replacement at OrthoIndy back in 2014 with total joint replacement physician Dr. Dean Maar. In 2018, Kathy had her other hip replaced once again by Dr. Maar.

“The whole teams of doctors have worked to improve my quality of life from my pain management specialist, Dr. Meredith Langhorst to the doctor who did the injections Dr. Ronald Miller to Dr. Maar,” said Kathy. “I have only good comments and feelings about my health care at OrthoIndy.”

Kathy’s condition was the result from osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down. “This past surgery was the result of deterioration and increased pain even with treatment over the course of the past two years,” said Kathy.

After hip replacement surgery

Since Kathy’s total hip replacement, she is feeling great. Kathy is able to ride her bike now and continues to gain her strength back daily.

“My friends and family notice a huge difference in how much happier I am post-surgery,” said Kathy. “I do not walk with a limp anymore.”

Kathy’s next adventure is to train alongside her husband for a biking trip they go on every summer with friends. This year Kathy, Kathy’s husband and friends are going to Montreal, Canada. The course is considered to be moderate, however, Kathy plans to fully participate.

“Kathy has been extremely motivated during her rehab,” said Dr. Maar. “Her enthusiasm to get better quickly has certainly helped in her speedy recovery. It has been a pleasure being involved and trusted with her care.”

Kathy encourages anyone who is experiencing pain and having it interfere with their quality of life, to have surgery. “Just do it!” said Kathy. “The pain and discomfort after surgery is well worth the final result of being pain free and living life to the fullest.”

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