February 13, 2019

Latest advancements in robotics and back surgery

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OrthoIndy spine surgeons are now using the Stealth Edition of the Mazor X Robot. As one of first five sites in the world to be using this edition, OrthoIndy offers a fully-integrated procedural solution for surgical planning, workflow, execution and confirmation for back surgery patients.

According to Dr. Greg Poulter, OrthoIndy spine surgeon, advancements with the robotic technology are demonstrating substantial benefits to patients.

“We are seeing improved outcomes for back surgery patients with reduced lengths of stay and reduced blood loss. We’re also able to do more surgeries through minimally invasive approaches with the robot that would otherwise need to be treated with a larger open surgery. This allows patients to feel better faster and return to their normal lifestyle sooner.”

Dr. Poulter is also developing new techniques for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery with the new Stealth Edition, which will continue to benefit patients during surgery and recovery.

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Spine surgeons seek education at OrthoIndy

After a spine surgeon has become certified on the Mazor robot, they still need to acquire new techniques to use the technology safely during surgery. As one of the first sites to receive the newest edition in spine robotics, Dr. Poulter now hosts visiting surgeons from around the United States at OrthoIndy to give them the opportunity to learn the distinctions of robotic spine surgery.

“We are a teaching site with visiting surgeons coming routinely to learn about the latest advancements and how we are using it to help our patients,” said Dr. Poulter. “As a teaching site, we are excited to share what we have learned, so other surgeons can also use the technology to improve outcomes for their patients.”  

Continuing advancement in robotics and spine surgery

OrthoIndy spine surgeons and Dr. Poulter are also working on bringing robotics technology to new spine procedures. In early 2018, Dr. Poulter performed the first single position lateral fusion procedure in Indiana with the Mazor X robot. Now he is one of a select group of spine surgeons in the United States who is working on this project with Medtronic to bring robotics to this fusion procedure.

Lateral spine fusions are a proven method to perform minimally invasive reconstructions of the spine. However, until now, if additional instrumentation was to be placed in the spine, a patient would have to be turned from their side to a face-down position during surgery.

This required an additional 30 minutes or more under anesthesia as the patient needed to be moved and prepared again for the second part of the procedure. By expanding the capabilities of the robot to place instrumentation with a patient in the same position, spine surgeons now have the precision of the robot with less time under anesthesia for patients.

“Robotics is demonstrating real benefits to my patients and I am happy to share the techniques with my colleagues. There is going to be a real need for ongoing collaboration between surgeons as these technologies are going to dramatically improve and change how we perform surgery moving forward.”

Dr. Poulter continues to share his developments with robotic surgery in hopes that other spine surgeons can use his experience to benefit their patients. Dr. Poulter has submitted abstracts to present at meetings in 2019 for techniques that were developed at OrthoIndy. 

“At OrthoIndy we continuously strive to be at the forefront of spine surgery with the latest techniques and equipment to better help our patients,” said Dr. Poulter. “But we are also helping to advance the technology by sharing our own research and surgical techniques.”

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