May 20, 2019

Physical therapy helps patient avoid surgery

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After months of battling pain, Paul Ganote finally decided he couldn’t put up with his hip discomfort any longer. As his pain seemed to get increasingly worse every night, a doctor recommended Paul visit OrthoIndy.

However, Paul was convinced he would need his hip replaced and was hesitant about getting the surgery.

“My left hip was progressively getting worse, to the point people were telling me I was limping,” said Paul. “The constant pain was so bad that it actually hurt for me to even walk a short distance.”

When his hip pain had flared up and he couldn’t prolong treatment anymore, he reluctantly decided to visit OrthoIndy Urgent Care West, located in Brownsburg. On his way there, he mentally prepared himself to be told he would need his hip replaced. After a few X-rays, he met with OrthoIndy physician assistant, Lacy Crafton.

Hip arthritis and bursitis

The X-rays showed that Paul had arthritis and bursitis in his hip. However, much to Paul’s surprise, he would not need his hip replaced after all. Paul would need physical therapy to improve his hip strength and flexibility.

Paul had osteoarthritis in his hip, which is the general wear and tear of the cartilage in the hip joint, which generally happens slowly over time. It can cause you to limp and make everyday activities extremely difficult.

Paul’s hip bursitis was an inflammation of the bursa in the hip. The bursa acts as a cushion to reduce friction between bones and soft tissue; when it becomes inflamed it can cause pain that is suddenly sharp and intense, followed by ache around the hip joint.

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Treatment for hip pain

Both hip arthritis and bursitis can be treated without surgery with physical therapy and at home exercises.

“At that point, I was willing to try almost anything for comfort and relief of pain,” said Paul.

Paul made an appointment with OrthoIndy Physical Therapy in Brownsburg and eventually met physical therapist Amanda Lewallen. Amanda walked Paul through a variety of exercises and encouraged Paul to do some of the exercises at home.

“Paul’s hip tightness was preventing him from having enough mobility to tie his shoes,” said Amanda. “We focused on hip stretching and strengthening as well joint mobilizations to improve his range of motion.”

View hip exercises you can do at home

After only eight visits with Amanda, Paul was able to cross his legs again without pain, something he was struggling to do before physical therapy.

“Amanda was a joy to see because she was so down to earth and always had my best interest at heart,” said Paul.

Paul plans to continue walking and doing his exercises while maintaining his active lifestyle.

“I would like to thank the entire staff at OrthoIndy for making me feel comfortable there and a special thanks to Lacy and Amanda,” said Paul.

Amanda also wishes Paul the best in his recovery.

“Paul’s positive outlook and willingness to work hard contributed greatly to his recovery,” said Amanda. “It was a privilege to work with him to help him achieve his goals.”

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