September 30, 2019

Total hip replacement surgery allows patient to play golf again

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Mike Rechin spends as many days as he can swinging golf clubs and tennis rackets. He enjoys exercising and living an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, all of that came to a halt when he started experiencing chronic osteoarthritis that became more painful over time.  

Mike had to start relying on aspirin and ibuprofen to manage his pain and the activities he loved became less and less enjoyable. Mike was experiencing some of the common signs that a hip replacement is necessary

Overtime, Mike started feeling older than what he really was. He didn’t want to take advantage of fun activities anymore. He knew something needed to change.  

After talking to his primary care physician, Mike was referred to OrthoIndy total joint surgeon, Dr. Frank Kolisek. According to Mike’s primary care physician he had great experience referring his patients to Dr. Kolisek in the past.  

Types of hip replacement surgery

Dr. Kolisek determined that Mike needed both of his hips replaced surgically. 

While there are different types of hip replacements, Dr. Kolisek uses the direct superior approach as opposed to the posterior or anterior approach. “The direct superior approach is easier and is just as, if not more, muscle sparing and it doesn’t require hip precautions,” said Dr. Kolisek.  

The hip replacement surgery took 38 minutes for one hip. “In my opinion, when patients need both hips done, I stage them seven weeks apart as doing both at the same time is too much for the patient. Additionally, the complication rate is higher, so I don’t do both hips in the same operation,” said Dr. Kolisek.  

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How long does it take to fully recover from a hip replacement?

Mike was home the day after his surgery. “Blood loss was minimal, as it usually is, and Mike was walking the day of surgery,” said Dr. Kolisek. Mike went back to OrthoIndy and Dr. Kolisek to have his other hip replaced that same year. 

Everyone’s recovery from a hip replacement is unique. “Each patient’s body handles things differently. However, the usual course of recovery after surgery for my hip patients has them up and walking four hours after surgery and at home the next day,” said Dr. Kolisek.  

Most of the recovery process from a hip replacement takes place at home. “Patients do exercises on their own and usually progress to a cane within two weeks. Patients get rid of the cane when they feel safe without it and aren’t limping as much. Typically, my hip patients are off pain medicine and are off the cane one month after surgery,” said Dr. Kolisek. 

Most patients resume normal activities six weeks after surgery. “I give everyone the green light at that time so they can travel and do whatever they want. Then I see them back for a visit one year after surgery for another X-ray,” said Dr. Kolisek. “I do not recommend running and jumping after a hip replacement, regardless of the surgical approach, but all other activities are permitted.” 

Life after a total hip replacement surgery 

It has been five years since Mike’s hip replacement surgeries, and he is fully recovered. “I don’t even think about the surgeries given how strong I feel,” said Mike. He now has no limit to the activities he can participate in because of his surgery at OrthoIndy. 

Mike has been living his life to the fullest with his new hips. Last fall, he and his wife took a 10-day safari to Africa, which he enjoyed “without any reservations,” said Mike. This upcoming August, Mike is going on a golfing trip for a week in Ireland.  

Mike’s experience with OrthoIndy and Dr. Kolisek was no different than his primary care physician’s other referrals. In fact, according to Mike it was “absolutely terrific. Dr. Kolisek was highly communicative about the procedure, about the healing process and my quality of life expectations after surgery.” 

Mike is vocal about the benefits of his procedure. “I had always heard you shouldn’t wait, to just have the condition diagnosed and to act on your physician’s advice,” said Mike. “Now, I am one of the people saying don’t wait; your hip condition is treatable, and it will give you your full life back.” 

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