November 2, 2020

5 ways to Prevent Children’s Sports Injuries (for Parents) 

Sports Injury


Sports injuries are inevitable and unpredictable in young athletes, OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist, Dr. Scott Gudeman provides 5 tips to prevent or decrease your child’s risk of having a sports injury. 

According to, children under 8 years old have slower reaction times and are less coordinated. This is because they are still growing and developing.  

Although there is risk for overuse injuries in children’s sports, staying active and being on a team is beneficial to a kid’s maturity and health. 

Dr. Scott Gudeman talks about the benefits of playing sports and how to prevent some of the most common sports injuries in children. 


What are the benefits of kids participating in sports? 

Sports help children develop in the following ways: 

  • Releases endorphins putting them in a better mood with a more positive mindset 
  • Relieves stress 
  • Develops social skills and problem-solving skills 
  • Increases blood circulation 
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight 
  • Teaches kids how to work with others and work as a team 

Dr. Gudeman knows developing habits are important. “Having an active and healthy lifestyle during childhood may promote a similar lifestyle in adulthood,” he said. “Starting young can provide many benefits.” 

What are common sports injuries in children? 

Some of the most common sports injuries in children include strains, sprains and fractures. Click on the links below to learn more about the common injuries based on the sport.  


What are the common causes for sport injuries? 

  • Direct collisions or contact 
  • Poor training habits leading to overuse injuries 
  • Poor technique or form 
  • Wearing improper sports gear 
  • Improper warm up 

Dr. Gudeman advises finding a balance between rest and organized sports. “Help avoid overuse injuries by resting after a sports season,” he said.  “Also avoid being on multiple teams during one season.” 

If your child has a sports injury, take them to an OrthoIndy Urgent Care or make an appointment with an OrthoIndy specialist.  

5 ways to prevent children’s sports injuries  

Injury prevention looks different depending on the sports your child plays. There are a few things you can do to keep your child safe and injury free. 

  1. Make sure your child wears the appropriate protective gear for the sport they play. This includes helmets, mouth guards, shoulder pads and any other gear necessary. 
  1. Make sure your child is eating nutritious food. This helps them perform and recover properly from their sport. 
  1.  Do not push your child to keep playing if the complain of fatigue or pain. It’s important to listen to them and protect their bodies from overuse injuries, especially at a young age. 
  1. Focus on technique and proper warm up and cool down. Starting proper form at an early age helps children develop good habits. 
  1.  It’s important to get a sports physical and clearance from your child’s pediatrician before playing sport. This decreases their risk of developing a more severe injury. 

Dr. Gudeman says to avoid sports specialization (picking one sport) at an early age.  “Playing more than one sport allows your child to use different muscle groups and may prevent overuse injuries,” said Dr. Gudeman. “But remember to find a balance between rest and activity.” 

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5 ways to Prevent Children’s Sports Injuries (for Parents) 

5 ways to Prevent Children’s Sports Injuries (for Parents) 

OrthoIndy sports medicine specialist, Dr. Scott Gudeman provides 5 tips to prevent or decrease your child’s risk of having a sports injury.


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