August 30, 2021

Unclear when should you have hip replacement surgery? 5 signs it’s time

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Only you and your doctor can tell if and when should you have hip replacement surgery. But if you find yourself nodding your head to any of these signs, reopen that conversation about a hip replacement surgery and take your life back from hip pain.

1. Non-surgical methods stop helping hip pain 

Medication and other non-invasive therapies can help you maintain the lifestyle you want. But once they start to lose their effectiveness to treat your hip pain, it’s a sign your hip joint may be deteriorating beyond what non-surgical means can help.

Thankfully, hip replacement surgery really can be a life-changing procedure that many of our patients have outright said they wished they had done sooner

2. Hip pain is affecting your daily life   

Joint pain can gradually get worse over time. The pain you were managing for weeks, months or even years often becomes a real barrier to doing routine things in your day-to-day life. 

Hip replacement surgery is a way to put your well-being first and recognize that the pain is not normal. Schedule time with an OrthoIndy hip specialist to assess your best options for pain relief. 

3. It’s painful to walk or exercise   

If hip pain stops you from even walking for stretches of time, your bad hip may be taking a toll on your health. People may find themselves continually gaining weight due to inactivity which can lead to other health problems.

With hip replacement surgery, you can be more in control of your overall health by being active. One OrthoIndy patient even lost 200 pounds since her total hip replacement surgery!  

4. You have severe arthritis in the hip   

There are various types of arthritis. And they all can take a toll on your hip health and lead to the need of hip replacement surgery. The key here is to understand which type of arthritis pain you have and make a plan with your doctor. This way, you can schedule your hip replacement surgery conveniently around your life — even several months in advance — and get your support system in place to help with your recovery.   

5. The pain is even hurting your sleep    

If your hip pain makes it so you can’t even get comfortable lying down to sleep — or it’s waking you up at night — it’s likely time to talk to your doctor about hip replacement surgery. Lack of sleep can seriously impact your physical and mental health well beyond simply being tired. Understand your options so you can feel confident about treating your pain to get your life back.

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Your well-being is important to us. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic specialists at 317-802-2000. You can also download our free guide to hip replacement to learn more. If your injury or condition is recent, you can walk right into one of our OrthoIndy Urgent Care locations for immediate care. For rehabilitation and physical therapy, no referral is needed to see one of our physical therapists.

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