November 28, 2023

OrthoIndy Foundation Nears $10 Million In Grants

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In December 2012, OrthoIndy established and funded the OrthoIndy Foundation, whose mission is: To improve mobility and function, specifically for the residents of Central Indiana –with a particular emphasis on veterans and the elderly– by benefiting the end users to increase self-sufficiency, promote wellness, and improve the quality of life for those affected by orthopedic issues.

Now, 11 years after being established, the OrthoIndy Foundation has officially given 803 grants, totaling $9,724,699.

Some of our grant recipients reached out this Giving Tuesday to share how the Foundation’s gift has furthered their own missions and ability to provide for their communities:

  • Gleaners – Gail Lowry – Chief Philanthropy Officer: “Oh my goodness that’s amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much. This is a critical component of our year-end fundraising – I cannot underscore it enough. With our food alone projected to cost $7.7M this year it’s incredible to have this fuel to inspire our community.”
  • Best Buddies – Natalie Siebert – State Director: “Thank you so much! We are so grateful for the continued support of the OrthoIndy Foundation and for the extra year-end donation! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!”
  • Carolinas Freedom Foundation – Susan Yarber – Executive Director: “That is FANTASTIC news and hopefully the start of a great collaboration in the Central Indiana area. Certainly we look forward to gathering and sharing info for VIPs [Veterans in Person] to attend the 2024 Patriotism Bowl.”
  • Girls on the Run – Lorri Brune – Executive Director: “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  This is so incredibly exciting.  We are so honored that  the OrthoIndy Foundation approved our grant request of $10,000 gave us the additional $1000.  Wow, this is just fantastic.  The young girls in Central Indiana will benefit so much from this award.  We are so excited to put it to use and make a huge impact for girls in grades three through eight. Girls on the Run Central Indiana had our fall 5k on Saturday, November 11.  It was so inspiring to see almost 800 participants celebrate the fall season and the wonderful accomplishments they achieved. Toni Sim, Dr. Sim’s wife has been an integral part of the success we are having in Central Indiana.  As a volunteer coach she has helped influence the lives of many girls. She has been involved since the beginning and we are so grateful to have the support of both Dr. Sim, Toni and their daughter, Brooke. Thank you so much. You made my holiday week. Happy thanksgiving and have a wonderful rest of the holiday season.”
  • Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis – Julie Bice – Director of Development: “Thank you so much!! We are absolutely thrilled to have the OrthoIndy Foundation as a partner with Girls Inc. Indy. – and sincerely appreciate the $1K support, too! We’ll keep an eye out for the transmittal letter, but please let us know if you need anything from us in the meantime. Many thanks again for your support of Girls Inc. Indy and all the girls and young women we serve! Hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!”
  • Little Wish Foundation – Liz Loewenstein – Founder: “This is just AMAZING and the best news to start the holidays off with. Thank you so much for passing this on to me. It truly means more than you know at a time like this. We could not be more grateful. And the additional $1,000 is such an unexpected surprise and so appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hoping you have an awesome Thanksgiving with loved ones!”
  • NeuroHope – Chris Leeuw – Founder & Executive Director: “A continued thank-you for another year of program changing support from the OrthoIndy Foundation! This year alone – we helped more than 200 people on their recovery journey, secured new equipment (robotic exoskeleton treadmill – as shown in the video, and a balance training system), and have started a new research project to track hospital re-admission rates (and cost savings to the healthcare system) of our patients. Thanks for your support and confidence, and Happy Thanksgiving! I want to share this video from our team with a special shout out to OIF:
  • Westfield Public Library – Erin Downey – Executive Director: “Thank you for this wonderful news. We are thrilled to have OrthoIndy as a partner in this community changing project. Again, we are grateful for your support, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.”
  • Wish for Our Heroes – Erich Orrick – VTS Mobility Manager: “You guys are freaking phenomenal. I love it and I will start begging you for volunteers. Thank you so much and yay.”

The OrthoIndy Foundation is so proud of the life-changing work these organizations provide to so many people and honored to be able to support you to do even more. A special thanks to each and every one of you in return – we wouldn’t be us without you!

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