March 28, 2024

One Woman’s Happily Uneventful Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery  

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It began as a tingling sensation coursing down her arm, along with a growing sense of weakness that hindered her ability to grasp objects.  

Connie, a vibrant retiree at the age of 61, possesses a passion for travel and cherishing moments with her family, especially visiting her beloved grandchildren in Dallas. When Connie initially encountered the distressing issue with her arm, she sought advice from her son, a doctor himself. Thankfully, her son’s professional journey had crossed paths with Dr. McMains, a spine surgeon at OrthoIndy, leading him to recommend Connie seek his expertise. Connie recalled her son’s unwavering trust in Dr. McMains. “My son expressed such confidence in Dr. McMains that he mentioned he would trust his own life in his hands.” 


Connie was profoundly impressed by the level of care she received from Dr. McMains and his team. Reflecting on her previous experiences at other hospitals for her lower back issues, Dr. McMains stood out in his ability to provide clear, compassionate explanations. She noted he had a remarkable talent for making her feel at ease and genuinely ensuring her comprehension of the situation.  

Connie’s diagnosis revealed cervical disc disease, often stemming from disc material degeneration, resulting in vertebral body height loss and increased strain on an already weakened disc. The prospect of having the damaged disc replaced with an artificial one initially filled Connie with trepidation. “The neck is a vital part of the body, and the thought of something going wrong was scary. But I had reached a point where even holding a jug of milk was becoming a challenge. Action was important.” 


Connie underwent cervical disc replacement surgery, a transformative procedure that replaced the ailing cervical disc with an artificial one. This was an outpatient process, allowing Connie to return home on the same day. She reminisced, “From the moment I checked in, the entire experience was smooth and well-coordinated. Everyone involved was highly competent and knew precisely what they were doing.”  

Connie’s recovery regimen centered around gentle strengthening exercises, sparing her the need for physical therapy, and granting her the freedom to navigate her home without restrictions. In just eight months, Connie joyfully reported that she had regained virtually all the strength in her neck. “Without a doubt, it was an incredibly successful surgery.” 

Connie extends her heartfelt gratitude to OrthoIndy and, most notably, Dr. McMains for her recovery. “Dr. McMains performed a truly exceptional job. His expertise is undeniable, and his caring demeanor and personable nature set him apart. He invested considerable time in my care, which made all the difference.”  

Dr. McMains shared his thoughts on the procedure as well. “This is a textbook example of the 3 Ps that make a successful spine surgery: right Patient, right Problem, and right Procedure.  Connie was an outstanding, motivated patient who had a fixable pathology. By applying the best technology in motion preservation and minimally invasive surgery, I’m pleased to say we achieved perfect results!” 

Connie went on to express her wholehearted recommendation of Dr. McMains to anyone in need of such care. “In fact, I’ve already referred some of my friends to him!”  


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