Three health benefits of yoga

Yoga can do a lot for the human body and can be worked into any lifestyle or schedule. OrthoIndy spine surgeon explains three advantages of doing yoga.

Patient is able to do yoga again after shoulder surgery

Marcia Runde had practiced yoga for many years when she started to notice that she was having some pain and discomfort in her right shoulder when she did certain moves and poses. However, she ignored the pain, hoping that it would eventually go away on its own. Dr. Lintner performed surgery to repair Marcia’s torn rotator cuff and torn labrum of her right shoulder.

Exercises for plantar fasciitis

When a foot or ankle injury occurs, it can be difficult to get around, let alone perform your daily activities. Our Ultimate Guide to Foot and Ankle Injuries will help you understand the causes of foot and ankle pain, injury prevention, how to treat an injury at home and when to seek care from a doctor.

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