After traumatic injury, farmer can return to work

Jack is very cautious and safe when operating his machinery while he farms. However, he was performing a routine clean on a screw conveyor one day when co-workers accidentally triggered the machine to power.

OrthoIndy Research Foundation: Latest Publications

Our physicians often collaborate with both their partners and external colleagues. These projects often lead to publications in peer-reviewed journals. Here is our latest list: Dr. Bill Cregar, Sports Medicine,…

OrthoIndy Urgent Care FAQs

What you need to know about OrthoIndy Urgent Care clinics and how you can get the best treatment possible by avoiding the ER wait and cost.

OrthoIndy Top Doctors List 2023

OrthoIndy is excited to announce this years Indianapolis Monthly’s Top Doctors recipients. Each year, the magazine compiles a list of the top doctors in Central Indiana, and every year we update this list to include the new recipients of…

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