What does scoliosis look like?

There are different types and curves of scoliosis found in adults and children. Scoliosis looks like a C or S curvature of the spine

What is a rotation fracture?

A spinal fracture is a serious injury and should be treated immediately. A rotation fracture happens when you move or bend from side to side too far, causing your vertebrae to fracture.

What aggravates facet joint pain?

Your facet joints support your vertebrae movement and your vertebrae make up your spine. Your lower back is designed to bear the weight of your upper body. Facet joint arthritis can cause a lot of pain in your back and can spread if it is not treated.

What is an extension fracture pattern?

Extension fractures are caused by head-on car collisions. This that happens when the small bones in your spine, called your vertebrae, separate from each other because they were extended too far.

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