Why is playground safety important?

OrthoIndy sports medicine physician, Dr. Michael Thieken, explains some helpful tips to keep your kids play fun and safe. There are a few things to remember to ensure your child’s safety. If an injury does occur, OrthoIndy Urgent Care clinics are open to serve your orthopedic needs.

What is vertical talus?

Vertical talus or congenital talus is diagnosed at birth. It is a rare deformity that babies are born with that affects the development of their foot’s arch.

Swimmer rebounds from sports injury

Elyse Heiser rebounds from sports injury after care from Dr. Kosmas Kayes at OrthoIndy. She is now able to swim at a competitive level and got normal back.

What causes intoeing (pigeon-toed)?

Sometimes when a child walks or runs, the feet turn inward instead of pointing straight ahead. This is commonly referred to as intoeing or being “pigeon-toed.”

What is clubfoot deformity?

When an infant’s foot is turned inward, usually so severely that the bottom of their foot faces sideways or upward, it is often referred to as clubfoot.

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