December 5, 2013

An alternative to knee surgery: ReNu Knee injection trial

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A new pilot clinical study evaluating a new treatment option for osteoarthritis symptoms is currently available only at OrthoIndy. There is no charge if patients meet inclusion/exclusion criteria. The treatment is a single knee injection. The injection is a suspension of micro-pulverized frozen amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid stem cells.

Study details

This is the first time this combination has been used as a knee injection, but is based on current science and clinical applications. Prior studies have conclusively shown that stem cells from donors are not rejected. A previous multi-center study completed in 2011 ( Dr. Jack Farr, OrthoIndy physician, was one of the participating surgeons), used allogenic (donor) stem cells as a knee injection (Chondrogen by Osiris). The study showed an excellent safety profile and patients had significant arthritic symptom improvement compared to placebo. The study has been submitted to the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Amniotic membrane has very unique characteristics: it promotes healing with no or less scar tissue than normal healing and is anti-inflammatory. The tissue has been used extensively in eye surgery for over 10 years and is now available for a variety of orthopaedic applications.

The study hypothesis is that the injection is safe and will decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis. If the results are positive, a multi-center study is planned with comparisons to viscosupplements and placebo.

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Study enrollment

Interested patients should review their current X-rays with their physician. If they have mild to moderate joint space narrowing on the inside (medial) or the outside (lateral) of the knee, they may qualify for the study. They cannot have had injections such as corticosteroid within the past three months or viscosupplements within the past six months. If these conditions are met, they are welcome to visit for a standard office visit using their own insurance. If they qualify for the study, the injection and subsequent study visits are free.

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