March 27, 2017

How the paleo diet can change your life

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Dr. Eric Monesmith explains how to use the paleo diet to change your life.

Begin the journey of self-learning that can change your life. For those of you who have been to see me as a patient, you know I am an advocate for the Primal, or Paleo as it also referred to, lifestyle and nutrition plan. The reasons are simple. It is easy, effective and makes metabolic sense.

Personal reflection

In my own life it has made a tremendous difference, and I am fortunate to see it work every week in my practice. Many people who come to me for knee and hip arthritis are overweight or obese. Losing weight can help alleviate arthritic joint pain and insure better surgical outcomes when joint replacement is necessary.

After years of meeting with patients, I am convinced that most people truly do not understand nutrition or have any idea how their own metabolism works. I have been recommending a book titled The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson for years.

Why it works

Recently, I had one patient who lost nearly 100 pounds in eight months, another 40 pounds in three months and another who has lost 20 pounds in a month.  These people are feeling better, sleeping better and are thrilled with how they are doing. I encourage you to check out this plan as well. To get started, check, and begin the journey of self-learning that can change your life. Good luck!

How to lose weight naturally

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