July 17, 2017

How to eat healthy at a restaurant

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This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Food is a way of life. It is safe to say that we love a good meal no matter our place of origin. Some families choose to make their meals in the comfort of their kitchen while others choose to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at a restaurant. Let’s take a look at the healthier side of the menu when you decide to dine out.

How do I determine what’s healthy and what’s not?

From 2015 to 2016, Americans spent a total of $54.857 billion at restaurants and bars. It is a known fact that the market for food at restaurants and bars will never go extinct. Hopefully, I can help you choose the healthier side. Here is a list of ways to control your healthy eating when you are out.

  1.  Moderation. In order to determine what is healthy and what is not, the key word is moderation. It is true that for most people it is unhealthy if you eat pizza for every meal, seven days a week. Yet, if you have a slice of pizza every once in awhile, you typically will not be considered unhealthy.
  2. Think ahead. Fish is healthy and loaded with protein, but sometimes restaurants will bread and coat their fish in oil and butter. Now, you think “what do I do?” It is simple. Order the fish you like without the oil and butter. For an added bonus, ask for the fish to be lightly breaded.
  3.  Control portions.  Often you are given the choice of two sides. Control the portions you add onto your meal. Keep in mind that many restaurants serve their sides in large portions. Instead of ordering the mashed potatoes, order a side salad instead.
  4. Eat slowly. It usually takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a message to your brain that you are no longer hungry. Think back to when you consumed food quickly. Did you happen to still feel hungry? That is because you did not let your brain and stomach communicate! Try eating slowly, and see if you become fuller faster.
  5.  Be specific. When you order, do not be afraid to ask questions about the food you are about to consume. Ask questions like: “What is the healthiest option on the menu?” “Would you recommend a lighter meal?” “Could you hold the salt and pepper on my entrée?” Do not hold back the questions, this is your body. You may ask for a nutritional menu since various restaurants offer this choice.
  6.    Pick the healthy spot. If you are someone who does not like to be tempted with unhealthy food, try a daytime café. You can never go wrong with finding a variety of healthy options at a café.

Now that you know the secrets on how to stay healthy in a restaurant, go grab a bite to eat!
Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

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