September 18, 2017

The importance of protein

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It is a great habit to consistently check food labels on any packaged item to keep track of the amount of protein you are consuming. If you have found that it is difficult to find foods with high protein, which are also foods that you enjoy, then it might be time to add protein shakes to your diet.

Protein maintains, grows and replaces the tissues in our bodies. Protein is a large compound made by combining smaller amino acids. Based on how much you weigh, typically protein should account for 10 to 35 percent of your daily caloric intake.

How to make protein powder taste better

If you would like to try a new way to consume protein, try a protein shake or protein pancake to achieve your daily protein intake. OrthoIndy pain management physician, Dr. Kevin Sigua shares his tips on making a protein shake taste delicious.

“Most protein shakes can have a chalky icy taste to them,” said Dr. Sigua, “However, I like to drink Shakeology because it doesn’t taste as chalky. I tend to favorite the chocolate Shakeology and add blueberries, bananas and almond milk.”

Shakeology is a healthy meal replacement shake. Shakeology contains no soy, artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

“Protein shakes are one of the easiest ways to keep your protein intake up without the hassle of bringing a piece of chicken or beef with you,” said Dr. Sigua. “It is a perfect on-the-go meal.”

Protein is important for continued muscle maintenance and muscle gain. “The more muscle you have the more lean you can look. Plus protein can make you feel fuller longer,” said Dr. Sigua. “If you are trying to lose weight, consider increasing your protein intake and decreasing carb intake. Protein shakes are also perfect for a post workout drink within one hour after your workout.”

Protein helps replenish all the muscle break down after a hard workout. Additionally, this will feed your metabolism which is running higher after a workout.

Foods with great sources of protein

  •      Meat products (fish, chicken, beef)
  •      Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
  •      Miscellaneous products (beans, eggs or lentils)

If you do not like protein shakes, try a protein pancake. Protein pancakes look exactly like a normal pancake and can ultimately taste like one too. Try the recipe below, add peanut butter and sugar free syrup to your protein pancake for added taste and protein.

  •      1 cup of oats
  •      1 scoop of vanilla whey protein or whichever protein you want
  •      1 egg
  •      1 smashed banana (optional)
  •      ½ cup of almond milk

Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

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