September 12, 2018

Knee pain but not ready for surgery?

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Is the cartilage in your knee damaged and have you been told you may potentially need knee surgery? You may qualify for a placebo-controlled clinical research study designed to see if the investigational drug LNAO43:

  • Continues to be safe and well tolerated in patients diagnosed with articular cartilage lesions
  • Results in regenerating knee articular cartilage tissue

Dr. Jack Farr, OrthoIndy knee preservation and cartilage restoration specialist, is now enrolling patients in this clinical research study. With his background of over 20 years in the field, he is always searching for new and less invasive means to slow or reverse knee cartilage damage.

“To date, reversing knee cartilage damage has only been possible using surgical techniques as no US injection study has regenerated cartilage, even using ‘stem cells’,” said Dr. Farr.

What is a clinical research study?

Clinical research studies, or clinical trials, uncover new treatments and establish new ways to improve health care. Before you choose to participate in a trial, knowing the risks and benefits can help you make an informed decision.

A process known as “informed consent” explains the details you need to know to make that decision including the risks, benefits and alternatives to the study.

You are free to stop treatment and activities at any time or withdraw from the study for any reason without penalty, loss of benefits or any effect on future care.

How can I take part in the study? 

To qualify, you must be between 18 and 55 years old and you have been:

  • MRI or arthroscopy-diagnosed with a partial thickness cartilage defect in one knee
  • Experiencing pain and poor function two months to two years before your screening

You may NOT be able to take part if you:

  • Can become pregnant and are not using an effective contraceptive
  • Have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the knee
  • Have an unstable knee joint, a misaligned knee or insufficiently reconstructed ligaments
  • Have had a previous total/subtotal meniscectomy
  • Have had taken a corticosteroid in the previous four weeks
  • Have intra articularlar injection in the knee in the last 12 weeks (Cortisone,viscosupplement, stem cells)

Other eligibility criteria may apply.

Potential benefits of participating 

Help others with the same medical condition by contributing to medical research while you gain access to:

  • New research treatments that can possibly improve your condition by promoting cartilage healing
  • Expert medical care for the condition being studied
  • Study-related physician exams and lab tests at no cost
  • Advanced imaging technologies for the evaluation of the knee

A disadvantage is that all side effects of this investigational drug are not yet known. Please note your insurance will be billed until you are completely enrolled in the study.

Please call 317.884.5336 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr or learn more about Dr. Farr and cartilage restoration.

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