January 30, 2019

Pros and cons of juicing

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Juicing has become a popular topic and trend. Knowing how to add juices to your diet can benefit your health and be a great way to consume a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

However, using juicing for weight loss or going on a juice detox for a long period of time can be harmful to your health.

Learn more on how to incorporate healthy juices into your diet plan to benefit your health.

What is juicing?

Juicing is the process of extracting natural liquids, vitamins and minerals from raw fruit and vegetables. With the use of a juicer, blender, food processor or other juicing items you can take solid fruits and vegetables and turns them into liquid. This way, you know exactly what you’re consuming and you can tailor it to your own flavor and nutrient preferences. The pulp is often removed during the juicing process which takes out some of the fiber from the fruits and vegetables.

If you are going to buy juices from the store, be mindful that juices can contain added sugars, such as honey, turbinado, raw sugar, maple syrup or molasses. Make sure you read the label and know what you are consuming.

Benefits of juicing

  1. Increases nutrient intake, such as fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C
  2. A good way to try different fruits and veggies that you don’t typically consume
  3. If you cannot consume solid foods, it’s a good way to get nutrients from fruits and vegetables
  4. Convenient if you are on-the-go

While there may be some benefits of juicing, there is a lack of scientific evidence behind the effectiveness of it. Juicing is much more beneficial when incorporated into a healthy, balanced diet.

Is juicing a good way to lose weight?

Many people go on a juicing diet plan which can be harmful to your health. Following a juicing diet plan eliminates or significantly reduces major macronutrients like fat and protein. These nutrients are vital for your health.

Former OrthoIndy Registered Dietitian, Jessica Regan states, “While people may see initial weight loss results, the process is typically very restrictive in calories and nutrients which may alter your metabolism and cause you to gain weight at a quicker rate once you stop.”

“The lack of protein in these juices may also result in a loss of muscle mass. There are many other important micronutrients that may also be lacking in these juices such as vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B12 or iron. People may be at risk of a nutrient deficiency depending on how long they choose to do a juice detox.”

How to lose weight naturally

Juicing detox

Your body naturally filters and removes most toxins from your body so using juicing to detox your body isn’t necessary. Jessica Moosbrugger states, “Your body is already equipped with detoxification mechanisms; however, the ability to detoxify is influenced by external factors such as diet, lifestyle or genetics. Eating a well-balanced diet, lower in saturated fat, sodium and added sugar, is the best way to stay healthy.”

Jessica said, “Support your body’s natural detox mechanisms by consuming plenty of water, increasing your intake of whole fruits and vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables) and incorporating probiotics into your diet such as in low-fat yogurt or kefir.”

Adding juicing to your daily routine

Juicing should be added to a healthy eating plan. It should not be the only way you are giving your body nutrients. If you add juicing into your diet make sure you also have a variety of sources whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein foods.

Learn more healthy tips for living an active and nutritious lifestyle.

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