Why is playground safety important?

OrthoIndy sports medicine physician, Dr. Michael Thieken, explains some helpful tips to keep your kids play fun and safe. There are a few things to remember to ensure your child’s safety. If an injury does occur, OrthoIndy Urgent Care clinics are open to serve your orthopedic needs.

Tips to healthy living for former athletes

Whether it’s a career ending injury or you aren’t participating in sports anymore, it’s a hard reality to face when you are no longer an athlete and your daily routine changes.

Top 5 most common soccer injuries

Most soccer injuries involve the lower extremities of the body. Learn more about the five most common soccer injuries and the risks of playing soccer.

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are the result of repetitive impact activity such as running or jumping on hard surfaces. Fortunately they can be treated without a doctor’s help.

What is an overuse injury?

Unlike acute injuries, which result from a onetime injury, overuse injuries occur over a period of time, fortunately treatment does not require seeing a doctor.

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