January 9, 2017

How to lose unwanted weight

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As we ring in the New Year, we often make new goals about changing our lifestyles. For some it’s the year they will finally stop smoking. For others, 2017 will be the year they eat more vegetables and concentrate on a nutritious daily menu. Additionally, there is a flood of new gym go-ers who want to live a more active lifestyle.

OrthoIndy spine surgeon, Dr. Gregory Poulter made a decision to change his lifestyle after gaining weight during medical school. Dr. Poulter decided he wanted to live a more active lifestyle so he took up cycling. Cycling was a way for him to get out and do something he enjoyed, and it also helped him lose 50 pounds.

Dr. Poulter shares his thoughts and tips on how to change your lifestyle and lose unwanted weight.

  1. Cut the sugar. Sugar stimulates the body to gain weight as fat. Try cutting out all sugar for two weeks and see what happens to your weight.
  2. Pick up the weights. Muscle burns calories even at rest.  Weight training twice a week will kick start your metabolism. Men in particular naturally have a decrease in testosterone as they age. Weight lifting builds muscle and stimulates natural increases in testosterone.
  3. Don’t forget cardio. Running as little as 20 minutes, three times a week is all that is needed to get the health benefits of exercise. Going longer will help with greater weight loss but is not necessary.
  4. It all starts with healthy eating. You cannot exercise your way out of bad eating.  Planning your meals is 80 percent of successful weight loss. One hour a week of planning and shopping is the most important step in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
  5. Eat healthy fats. Healthy fats are an important part of weight loss.  Eating carbs makes people gain weight. Eating fats makes people enjoy their food. Healthy fats like olive oil and avocado have been shown to help people stick with healthy eating and lose weight.

Find what you enjoy and makes you feel happy. Then stick to it. Happy New Year from Dr. Poulter and everyone at OrthoIndy.

How to lose weight naturally

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