November 6, 2017

6 quick health tips for men

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This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to changing habits about health, men can sometimes hesitate at the change. However, taking charge of your health shouldn’t be ignored. With November being all about raising awareness for men’s health issues, Dr. Stephen Greenfield, OrthoIndy foot and ankle specialist, shares six easy tips men can follow to start living a healthier life.

  1. Remember to train properly. Be wary of jumping into new strenuous workouts without proper training. Jumping on the CrossFit wagon before getting in shape might cause unneeded stress on your body and ultimately an injury. It’s important to “walk before you run.”
  2. Beware of overuse injuries. Overuse injuries rarely happen if you train right. However, if you are feeling pain when running or working out, stop. Pain isn’t normal and isn’t something you should “work through.” Most overuse injuries will go away if you rest; however, seek help from an orthopedic specialist if they don’t.
  3. Vary your workouts. If you are a runner, try lifting weights. If you mostly hit the weight room, don’t forget cardio exercise. You’re not challenging your body if you always do the same workout.
  4. Stretch. Stretching is the easiest thing to skip during a workout. However, it prevents injuries and keeps muscles flexible, strong and healthy.
  5. Go to the grocery. It’s easy to roll through a fast food restaurant or order take out. However, this isn’t friendly to your wallet or your body. Have a few staple nutritional meals you can make each week. No amount of working out can make up for a bad diet.
  6. See a doctor. Often men put off seeing a doctor for any sort of health issues. However, the longer you put it off, the more likely things will only get worse. “Man up” and go to a doctor before it’s too late.

Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

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