August 21, 2019

ACL reconstruction recovery gets athlete back in the game

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Kendall Short was an active eighth grader who loved basketball, volleyball and softball. However, it came as a shock when she had to put her sports on hold.

With only a few minutes left in the final basketball game of Kendall’s eighth grade year, she went for a rebound from a free throw. Unfortunately, a player from the opposing team went for the same rebound and collided with Kendall’s knee.

Kendall walked off the court with little to no help and asked the trainer to look at her knee. The trainer determined Kendall strained her knee ligament and recommended that she take anti- inflammatory medicine and rest for a few days. Kendall followed the trainer’s instructions and was playing volleyball and softball by the following week.

“I didn’t experience any problems with my knee until a few weeks later when I was at volleyball practice and my knee gave out on me,” said Kendall. “Once again, I walked off the court with no help and another trainer told me that it was just a sprained ligament.”

At this time, Kendall and her family were getting ready to leave for vacation. Her mom decided to take Kendall to OrthoIndy Urgent Care to see if there was any other damage to her knee.

Physical examination

“The provider at the urgent care ordered an MRI,” said Kendall. “When the MRI results came back, I was completely shocked to learn that I had completely torn my ACL. My parents were just as shocked as I was and we all had a hard time believing that surgery was necessary since I wasn’t experiencing any pain.”

Initially, Kendall met with OrthoIndy pediatric orthopedic specialist, Dr. Carlos Berrios. Dr. Berrios referred Kendall to see OrthoIndy sports medicine physician, Dr. Stephen Kollias who specializes in ACL reconstruction.

“Dr. Kollias came very highly recommended even by another doctor from a different hospital,” said Kendall. “He is also the team doctor for Butler athletics and the Indiana Fever, so that gave me the confidence that he would be a good doctor for me.”

Dr. Kollias instructed Kendall that she couldn’t play sports or even participate in gym class at school prior to her surgery.

“I trusted Dr. Kollias. He was very honest and up front with me regarding the surgery and long recovery,” said Kendall. “Dr. Kollias gave me one day to be mad, upset and angry, but then said that I had to put those feelings behind me and concentrate on the new journey of recovering from the injury. He promised to get me back on the field and court again.”

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Post ACL reconstructive surgery

Today, Kendall is feeling great post-surgery. She hasn’t had any problems with her knee. Unfortunately, Kendall was not able to play volleyball or basketball her freshman year, which was difficult for her, but Kendall was released just before softball season started.

“I played softball and started as the designated hitter for the varsity team,” said Kendall. “My team recently won the IHSAA Class 2A State Softball Championship! This was the first state title, not only for softball, but any female sport at my high school!”

Kendall’s next goal is to get back to playing volleyball and basketball Additionally, she wants to help her softball team win another state championship.

“I remember Dr. Kollias telling me and my parents that this injury and surgery is just as hard emotionally as it is physically,” Kendall said. “I didn’t understand what he meant by that until I had been through it. I was a kid that had some sort of tournament every weekend and suddenly I couldn’t do anything. It was depressing to watch my friends play basketball and volleyball, but I listened to Dr. Kollias and got through the process.”

Kendall is grateful for Dr. Kollias and his advice to concentrate on physical therapy. “I put my trust in him and his knowledge and he was right! I now have a championship ring that proves that if you go to the right doctor and give 100% that you can get back to your active lifestyle,” said Kendall.

Dr. Kollias and his team are happy for Kendall and her accomplishments on the field and court.

“Kendall stayed devoted to the process of her recovery. From day one she put forth a great effort in her rehabilitation and kept a positive, focused attitude,” said Dr. Kollias. “All athletes who sustain this type of injury have to dial themselves into their recovery from the injury and not dwell on what they are missing out on at the time, as Kendall certainly demonstrated.”

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